Thursday, March 26, 2015

WellVideo and Terri Walsh

Since an upgrade, WellVideo loads its videos much quicker than it used to and another upgrade is down the road that will enable videos up to 2 1/2 gigs.  I can still get karma if you visit through an invitation link:
It is fun having interaction with exercise enthusiasts from all over the world and it is a great place to store and share videos.

Yesterday I enjoyed several edited routines but more because of their music than the routines themselves so I ripped the soundtracks to be used with other routines.

This morning I did some wonderful edited routines by Terri Walsh who has an ART Method streaming channel:

One was an ART Basic Dance Walk which was similar to a Jessica Smith walk and the other was a Bounce routine done on a Bellicon.  Her bouncing style is very similar to mine on the bungee and replacing her audio made a huge difference for me (her loud hand clap can be quite annoying).  I had no trouble following her on my JumpSport 550 which was less expensive than her Bellicon.  Both bungees seem to have the same tension.  Mine perhaps alittle more space.

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