Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Visiting Old Edits

I am still visiting older edited files but they feel like new routines to me.  Found a bunch by Leslie Sansone, Hasfit and BodyBurner.

One thing that struck me odd this morning is that my perceived exertion no longer overlaps with my heart rate like it used to do.  I feel almost anaerobic when just at 75% Maximum  HR and my recovery is almost immediate.  Not sure if these are good or bad changes.  Maybe it is good that my heart rate doesn't go up as high and stays lower.

Someone on VF whom I have had a nice relationship with asked about virus and malware protection in addition to Windows Defender so I posted suggesting Malwarebytes.    Perhaps I should have sent her a private message but the last time I suggested something in a private message to someone else, it backfired badly.  At least this wasn't a rebounder thread so maybe the claws will not come out.

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