Wednesday, March 18, 2015

HerbaLife Intervals

Most of this morning's workout was bouncing to the HerbaLife routine from youtube

It was a great cardio interval routine on the bungee and ball but the MUsic starting growing old in the second half so I will be editing the second set with different music.

I also lurved an edited version of one of Jillian's Bodyshreds but want to visit all of my edited files of the Bodyshreds and choose which to store privately.  Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, a few did not play on my new dvd player so will burn them again.  Worse comes to worse, I will do a DVDr burn with Freemake of the data files that will not play on my LG DP 132.  At least the data files still work on my laptop so didn't waste the dvdr space.

ETA: I did another data file burn after converting the previous unplayable files and think it may have been a size issue.  Anywho all 29 files I burned today play on the LG DP 132.

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