Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ripping with Freemake Screen Shots and Handbrake Walkthru

Insert DVD to be ripped
Open Freemake Video Converter

Click on +DVD on the top of the screen

Highlight the Video TS folder on the dvd then click ok

Wait till Freemake opens the Title list
Then Check the Title(s) you want to Rip

then click ok and wait while Freemake loads the selected title

You can play the title to confirm it is the Title you wanted to rip
You can edit the Title's name which is in red
You can trim the Title video if you do not want the whole file
(see Trimming Tips link at bottom of this post)
However, the more you mess with the clip, the greater the risk Freemake may get confused and quit on you LOL
Better to edit the ripped file after completing the rip.

Click on the format on the bottom you want for the conversion
(I usually choose WMV or MP4 to play on Windows software)

you can choose your preset
(I usually choose TV or Mobile Quality)

you can choose where to save the file

Last Step:  Click Convert

Download Freemake Video Converter from
but carefully to avoid unwanted other free software.
Freemake products only work on Windows Operating systems.
Always choose custom option and uncheck all unwanted extras but keep the desktop icon if you like

For another way to rip a dvd movie

For Trimming tips

Quick Walkthru for ripping with Handbrake:
put in dvd
open Handbrake
click on *Source*s

choose dvd

wait while Handbrake scans the titles

choose a title # to rip

choose a destination file (Browse to choose the ripped title file location)

select MP4 under Output Settings

also edit the destination file format extension to (dot).mp4 if it reads (dot).m4v, especially if you want sites like Wellvideo to identify the video file as MP4

click the Green Start button

when done it will say *Queue Finished* on bottom of screen and Start button will be Green again
you can then select another title and so on

Download Handbrake directly from
for whatever operating system you are using

If you get a distorted video when trying to open it with Windows Media Player, it may be mkv format instead of MP4.  Try playing it on the VLC media player instead.

If Handbrake will not open the title you want, try using opening the File (VTS) instead of the DVD as your source. If still stubborn, use Shrink to produce the VTS files then use Handbrake on those VTS files.  For more info:

Note: WellVideo sometimes does not accept MP4 files produced by Handbrake.  Be sure you change the name of the file extension to (dot).mp4 if it reads (dot).m4v

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  1. You're Welcomed. Glad I remembered I did a Walkthrough! Now I have to add in about making sure you get a MP4 file and not mkv from Handbrake LOL