Friday, March 8, 2013

Manuel, Jessica, Debbie

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Manuel then did a Jessica Smith Living Room routine with Fitstix and a heavier Zumba stick and finished with alittle of Nia's Awareness of the Head.  I had added MUsic to both Manuel's and Jessica's routines.  May post more information about them later and possibly a clip or two or three :)

Right now am on the wrong pc to try and sweating like crazy.
I love freestyling to Manuel as a warmup, doing a bit of what he is doing then doing what I feel like doing with his style.  This morning's routine definitely worked my lower body differently.  Same with Jessica except I follow her more just changing the speed to enjoy the MUsic.  Her routine really worked the core.  Nia's Awareness of the Head has great new music and nice routines.  I am going to try to get permission from Nia to upload their routines to youtube.  They allow embedding and sharing on FaceBook from their online video site.
I have a link for their free online classes to the right -------------->

There's an overlap in the music because I added music to Jessica and Manuel around the same time when I had some new tunes to try.

I am copying and pasting what I posted on VF this morning:
The key to making it *Fun* for me has been the music.
Once you find your own key and unlock that door, it will never shut on you again and workingout will be the highlight of your day.

other keys:
Give yourself permission to have Fun and make it your #1 goal
Do what YOU want to do.
Just keep moving in ways that feel good to YOU.
You do not have to follow an instructor 100% (or even 50%)
Focusing on yourself in a mirror may enable doing your own thing more
Do not do something that *works* for somebody else unless you enjoy it
Avoid anything that creates Dread
Aim for feeling energized, not drained
keep Arnica gel handy for any twinges
Keep a list of moves to avoid which trigger twinges
do not worry about intensity
trust your own mind and body
(and the list goes on and on)

Most importantly if you didn't get enough sleep be kind to your body
Tomorrow is another day


  1. Kelly (imhere2dance)March 8, 2013 at 10:22 AM

    I love your attitude! ♥

  2. Thanks Kelly :)
    Sometimes all we can try to control is our attitude.