Saturday, March 9, 2013

Bob, Angie, Jessica

I wanted to try to revisit a real dvd this morning so tried the interval walk led by Bob Harper on the Biggest Loser Power Walk on the bungee.  Started out ok with the MUsic louder but then the music got so darn repetitive that I lost interest.  So next I did some of the Angie Miller walk from her Absolute Beginners dvd to which I had added music but had made the mistake of leaving her nonstop chatter so lost interest in that. Just couldn't get into the music with the background chatter.  Gave each of the above about 7 minutes before ejecting.  Then I did the second walk on Jessica Smith's dvd to which I had added African MUsic and it got my motor running. Finished with Jessica's Flow-Yo Living Room workout to which I had added Irish MUsic and that was the true star of this morning's cast.  I also edited out the planks in the latter. Really love the moves in Flow-Yo in spite of not being a yoga fan at all.

Here's Jessica's:

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