Monday, March 11, 2013

Wedding and the Agony of Pantyhose

This past weekend we had an out of state wedding so stayed overnight.  Ironically, the area was just 45 minutes away!!  Glad we stayed overnight anyways because driving home would have stopped my DH from enjoying a few drinks and night-time driving is getting harder and harder with age and vision impairment.  We drove right past the racino in Yonkers with no desire to stop because the Borgata offers all of the slot action I need.

Weddings are difficult for me for personal reasons, mostly because chances are neither of our sons will ever have one.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception as well in a mansion which belonged to Marc Twain.  Also had a nice brunch before leaving on Sunday.  We didn't know many people at the wedding but the world is smaller than we can realize because a couple at our table knew my cousin whom I grew up with very well.   At the ceremony the gal who sat behind us and knew my DH, mentioned right off the bat about her pantyhose dilemma which was hysterical because the worse part of the experience for me was trying to put on the damn pantyhose!  Our friend (mother of the groom) mentioned the same experience.  Both of the other women gave up and went stockingless as I should have because my pantyhose was constantly slipping down all night making me have several trips to the Ladies room to correct.  Let's face it, if the waistline is large enough to get over the hips, it is not going to be small enough to stay on the waist. Why does dressing up have to be so darn uncomfortable for both men and woman????

Yesterday afternoon after returning home, I did a spark with Jessica and really enjoyed it.
Original Dance Walk:

This morning I decided to put myself right into the mood to move so did her Barefoot Fusion Walk first on the bungee then with Fitstix.

Then revisited all of the warmups from BeMoved® Bollywood which I really enjoyed!
Just want to mention, if you find youtube not playing well, try clearing the cache on your browser and even your browsing history.

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