Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All JS with MUsic

I spoiled myself alittle and pretty much started with a couple of the Jessica Smith routines to which I had added MUsic.  These have become my favorite workouts after working out regularly for almost 14 years.  Nothing gets me moving quite like they do.
Jessica repeats each move enough to get it without verbal cuing.  You can then tweak the move to make it your own letting the MUsic guide you.  Even though each move is repeated a bit, there's still more variety in the moves than most other routines.

I warmed up on the bungee to JS Cardio Blast Redone with music playable in Germany
Then I did the first of three segments of JS Flat Abs:
Finished with the standing portion of CS925

I have been getting alot of requests for more youtube uploads but am hesitant to fulfill them. First of all, I am not entirely sure if some may become a copyright infringement down the road if their owner suddenly decides to put any onto new dvd releases.  If I become doubtful about a video, I have deleted it.  You can thank the Zumba Fitness people for making me camera shy, giving me a youtube copyright strike which limits my uploads to under 15 minutes.  Otherwise, youtube has been very generous with their space.

Just for an example, why should I spend months uploading all of the TaeBo TV episodes and Live series not yet uploaded when I rarely do TaeBo anymore?  Anyday the copyrights for these may get legally determined and their legal owner wanting to release them on dvd.  Same for Caribbean workouts, Exercise TV, Fit TV, etc.

For each genre, I focused on routines I would want to revisit and really do not want to spend hours capturing and uploading routines which do not interest me personally.  My real focus is adding MUsic to routines.  That being said, I am sorry to disappoint but have to keep myself on my own course, spending my time in pursuits which interest me.  I do not earn any money from these youtube uploads or previous filesmails but am happy to share that which interests me.  I also do not want to spend hours burning dvdrs for other people.  Massive filemails are no longer an option with my upgrade expired and Dropbox offers minimal traffic with their free accounts so there will be no more sharing of video files except privately with friends.

If you want something on vhs, just buy the vhs cheaply through Amazon and pick up a cheap vcr at a thrift store or invest in a dvd recorder/vcr unit.  I cannot spend the rest of my days capturing and uploading content just because somebody I do not even know wants it for free.

Just did a JS spark from her newer content
Even though I loved her Cardio Core Flow, I still added new music :)

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