Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jessica and Doonya

I'm very excited because Jessica Smith just uploaded a Welcome Message for her jessicasmithtv channel on youtube and the music came out from both of my speakers!!!!  I possibly will enjoy her music much more now.

This morning I started with Her HIITS video to which I had added MUsic:

Then I had the pleasure of finally trying a pressed dvd that I could enjoy without adding my own MUsic which was the Doonya Cardio Dance and Conditioning DVD.  The moves were wonderful and bungee friendly.  The MUsic was wonderful and even had a MUsic Only option for the 11 Songs and Dance Routines.  Finally, these gals (Priya and Kajal ) succeeded in using Indian Dance much like Kukuwa has used African Dance and Beto Latin.  Kudos to them!

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