Friday, March 15, 2013

Decisions, Decision, Decisions

Freemake has found a way to force advertising (if not donations) to keep its Video Converter free.
Now when you try to install its newest version 4.0, you have to accept a search engine toolbar and making the engine's homepage your default home page.  You can remove these new defaults from your browser(s) but only after installing them.  The Converter will not install if you do not accept them.  You can refuse the other offer given later in the process but have to accept the search engine.
Their Video Converter, itself, is still the same as the previous version but includes the Gold Pack features which previously were to be downloaded and installed separately in exchange for a donation or accepting advertising options.  I am keeping my previous version until they sweeten the pot with a new feature I really want.  Also this newer version is supposed to improve the function of temp folders with  less crashes but I rarely have had it crash.
Now that I am no longer sharing files as much on filemail or youtube, I really do not need the more advanced version.  I can even upgrade my FIOS speed to be three times faster for $5 a month but see no point because of less sharing demands.  I am still adding music to workouts and share privately on Dropbox but Dropbox is very limited in how much sharing can be done for free so only share with a handful of friends who have helped me to have more capacity on dropbox..  When my youtube copyright strikes have passed in a few months, I will upload some videos privately for my own use on my HDTV with Internet Apps.

My left leg is much improved this morning so think the problem  was just a weird DOMS the way it suddenly appeared.  Not sure exactly what I will do this morning but it will most likely include Jessica.  Strangely, her newest video Ballet body Sculpt seemed to be more cutoff at the top yesterday on youtube so I am glad my download was done before whatever caused the more recent cutoff occurred.  Where is an *eek* emoticon when I need one?

This morning I bounced with Jessica's Sunset Walk to which I had added African drums then did some Doonya songs from the Cardio dvd which were lots of fun.  Next I did the 4th Biggest Loser Power Walk using a heavier Zumba stick instead of a medball.  I had added some fun music to this one and really enjoyed it.

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