Sunday, March 17, 2013

Jessica, Richard, Michelle

Slept much better last night pressing play on a cd boom box near my bed whenever I woke up and heard the humming.  Since neither my husband or son are bothered by this humming, I will ignore it best I can and drown it out playing cds.  I believe I am in the 2 to 10% of the world population who is supersensitive to radio waves in the air.  Cannot hear the speech on the tv no matter how loud it is being played but hear these annoying mechanical sounds like crazy.  Do not understand why so many tv shows play loud music that drown out the speech.  Guess that is what closed captions are for.  Also do not like loud music at weddings, etc.
I really tried to do something other than the Jessica routines to which I had added MUsic but even my basement sound system prefers them!  I started with some tunes from Richard Simmons Boogie Off the Pounds but kept fussing with the speakers which I stupidly messed up yesterday trying to see if the cheap surround sound system was the source of the nocturnal humming.   The speaker wires are very finicky and have to be jiggled into just the right sweet spot..  Was having no luck finding that sweet spot with Richard so switched to Jessica and found the sweet spot immediately!  Then switched out to Michelle Dozois Ultimate workout and again the speakers refused to cooperate so switched back to Jessica and was immediately rewarded so stuck with Jessica for the rest of my workout session doing 3 Mat Fusion routines

ETA: I was very pleased that my blood pressure is down more into the normal range than prehypertension range like it had been.  About the only major difference in my lifestyle which could have attributed to this change is Jessica with MUsic added :)  I have been working longer and sweating more than ever the past couple of months thanks to Jessica.

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