Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jessica and BeMoved®

Last evening something funky started happening to my left leg like a nerve was being compressed.  It is still happening this morning but at least it didn't hurt when I was working out if I avoided wide plies.  As a result, I decided not to do anything with plies which meant not trying Jessica's newest video.

This morning I did her Stride and Strength routine to which I added Irish MUsic

Then after I saw that ballet and plies were not going to work for my leg this morning, I revisited some of the dance routine in BeMoved® and really enjoyed this simple walk and dance fusion to Bollywood music.

Jessica is trying hard to please everyone with changes to her future audio but since it is pretty obvious most others prefer cuing and voice to music that I may be continuing to add my own MUsic to her new stuff.  Just as well because I do like doing some of her stuff in my basement on the bungee which means I will be still be burning dvdrs of her routines and while I have the downloaded file, may as well add MUsic for variety.   The same exact visual routine takes on a whole new life when the soundtrack is changed.

Here's just the beginning and end of Jessica's Ballet Body Sculpt with MUsic added and without the sculpting segment which I will be using as a spark on my laptop.

So I saw when editing the music with Windows Live Movie Maker that the video cut off more of the top than the original download and saw that Jessica's Ballet Body Sculpt on her channel jessicasmithtv now had even more of the top missing than it originally did when I had first downloaded it.  Windows Live Movie Maker adds a title on the top which blocks even more of the top of the video.  So I ripped the soundtrack and added it to the original download I had using Freemake Video Converter.

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