Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Jessica!

In honor of Jessica's Birthday, I only played with Jessica this morning which was a nice gift to myself.  First I did most of her Indoor Jogging workout on the bungee in spite of having some twinging in my inner right ankle from a bad step on the stairs.   I love the moves, her personality and even the music!  I had added my own MUsic which I will try another day.
Then I did about 10 minutes of her Chair routine but sat on a stability ball instead which I believe made the routine even better!  I was able to push more into the abs and lower body as well as bounce when I felt like it.  Absolutely Wonderful!  I felt my abs as intensely as any other workout style.  May do more of it later as a spark.  I had added MUsic to this routine as well but enjoyed Jessica's.

This embedded youtube video should play what I did:

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