Thursday, March 7, 2013


Since our last trip to AC, I am still losing weight and tried on a dress I bought 14 years ago after losing weight and it not only fit but it is loose!  I believe it was tighter when I last wore it 3 to 4 years ago.  Since I am eating pretty much the same, it has to be my movement stimulating my metabolism.  I am moving more and more intensely since choosing more and more routines with MUsic that makes me want to muve and keep muving.   It is not the moves in the routine that affect intensity as much as how each individual chooses to move.  My intensity is definitely from within and getting into the moves.   I usually tweak a move to fit the music and for variety rather than follow an instructor blindly.  What I like about adding MUsic to Jessica and Manuel most is that each repeats a move enough to give me time for tweaking LOL
Both routines I did this morning had Broadway music from Bombay Dreams.
Also alittle Secret Garden.
I warmed up this morning to Manuel #40 on the bungee with Fitstix. Then I did the Cardio Dance Sculpt from Jessica's Total Balance dvd.

When adding MUsic, I usually remove parts of a routine I know I will skip like abs on the floor.  I had kept Jessica's triceps and abs on the chair when adding MUsic and did the triceps and abs on the bungee mat.  Anywho, I sweated for a good 45 minutes then finished with CS928.

I may upload to the blog a couple of sample clips later today of the routines demonstrating the MUsic I used today.
Also I am going to reorder the Jessica Smith Playlists so it reflects the routines I have already revisited.  It will wind up being in the same order as on the dvdr I store them on.  Just a way to be more organized now that youtube is more of a personal venture again.
Eventually, I may replace the music on the JS videos which are blocked in Germany as well so they will play on my HDTV with a youtube app.

One day, I may even try using my webcam to capture some of my *Tweaking*

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