Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Youtube Update

Since I just received my second copyright strike even though I was being very careful, I have deleted all of the videos for which I did not receive direct consent from its creators.  A third strike would have deleted my whole account!
From now on, I am sticking to video uploads granted direct permission by its creators.
What started out as fun for me to be able to do some of my videos on my HDTV with a youtube app became more and more stressful as people kept asking for more and more uploads.  I even stopped using my HDTV for youtube because there was just too many videos and playlists. I am almost relieved that I have received the two youtube strikes so I do not have to spend most of my free time sharing videos which do not interest me anymore.

After spending most of the day yesterday deleting video uploads on youtube and adjusting Playlists, I expected to be stressed and depressed.   I couldn't believe how much less stressed I felt than I have been and how well I slept!  The demands from total strangers to upload more of the same content after all of the content I spent months uploading was just ridiculous.  People would ask me to send them burned dvdrs too.
Chances are I could have probably left 80% of it up with no threat of the third and final copyright strike but those daily requests for more and more uploading would never have stopped.  Ironically, the videos I most wanted to do and share received the least viewing LOL
Hindsight being 20/20, I know now I should have kept my youtube uploads private and for my own pleasure and use.  Sharing the uploads was shooting myself in the foot.  Hard to bounce on one foot.
After my copyright strikes pass, I may upload some of my favorite OOP privately.

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