Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I do not know what took me so long to get around to trying some great stuff this morning.  First I did the third Mile from Biggest Loser Power Walk to which I had added MUsic which were cardio intervals I did on the bungee.  Next I did another Doonya song which was alot of fun but felt the intensity of what I had done this morning already taking its toll.
Last I attempted Jessica's Stand Abs II (or lose your love handles).  I say *attempted* because I only did 1/3 of the reps, feeling them immediately in my mid and upper back and afraid of pulling something in my back.  I Love and Hate this routine!  Hate that it is so challenging. Love that it is brilliant.  The Standing planks worked my core in ways that my elbows just will not allow on the floor.  Lots of feel good moves too which my hips and lower back enjoyed.  I must revisit this one more often than I usually revisit routines.  Jessica Smith is clearly the most innovative trainer out there and combined with her generosity to share her talent makes all other routines by other trainers pale by comparison..  She seems as obsessed to share her gifts as her fans are to enjoy them.
Thanks to youtube's copyright restrictions, I doubt I will be uploading much anymore so may actually start purging my collection.   I plan to put a bunch of vhs out in our driveway for parents to take when escorting their kids to the nearby school.

Jessica's original:

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