Saturday, April 26, 2014

Older, Wiser and definitely Wonderful

This morning I started visiting the Older, Wiser and Wonderful routines with MUsic added and have to say I really love these routines!!  I enjoy the separate warmup, cardio warmup, cardio moves, and both strength routines.  I really didn't need to add MUsic to each cardio routine because the moves do overlap BUT this way I have lots of MUsic variety making each routine feel alittle differently.  So I decided to add more MUsic to the two strength routines.  Level 1-2 is perfect for when I just want to move a bit and Level 3-4 is a nice AWT routine.

All routines are totally do-able, without too many reps, and floor moves to skip.  Most moves are easily tweaked on the bungee.  All joints get lubricated without getting stressed.  Surprisingly, I sweat.  Not much more needed from a workout than what these deliver.  These are no dread routines, much like many on jessicasmithtv.

(If you want to give these a try and tight on $$, skip the level 1-2 DVD and just get the level 3-4 DVD)

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