Saturday, July 30, 2011


This morning I warmed up on the bungee to a couple of songs from Zumba Exhilarate then did some of a dance workout from Netflix while holding Fitstix then finished the first sequences from Chiball's Dance of the Dragon.
Will be discussing the workout series I have been getting from Netflix after I try them all by the end of next week

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday workout

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to a couple of songs from Zumba Exhilarate then did the second workout on a Netflix walking workout then finished with some Chiball Dance of the Dragon which had a sneaky intensity using the core alot. My abs are sore already!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where did all the DL people go?

After seeing Harrahs Diamond Lounge so empty Sunday, I figured out where all of the AC DL people have gone....
They have gone to PA casinos!

We had a bus trip to the Sands in PA today and the place was packed. When I first got there, I played a few new machines and won back all of our bus downloads then I couldn't find an empty seat at any penny slots after lunch. I pocketed the money and explored and found free internet in the hotel lobby so was emailing till time to leave LOL

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weds workout

This morning I warmed up on the bungee to more songs from Zumba Exhilarate then did some of the Core Transformer workout which was pretty intense but felt good for a change of pace. Am hoping to try a Netflix rental as a spark this afternoon if it arrives. Also still waiting for the Chiball package from Australia that seems to be taking the slow boat even though shipped airmail.

I have been borrowing the newest Zumba Exhilarate set from a workout buddy and am glad I didn't cave! Yes I like the music and many of the moves but it has a vary dark look to it and have so many other Zumba and similar workouts that I doubt I would have a need to revisit the set. For the bungee, I prefer MUVE and otherwise for music and moves, much prefer the Beachbody Body Gospel set I had bought.

The weather seems more comfortable today so I may give those walking poles a short try if the mailman arrives empty handed.

ETA: When it rains it pours, especially after a drought.
Mailman brought both the Netflix rental and the Chiball package.
and I had nothing to worry about because the Chiball PAL format plays fine on my workout dvd player! The NTSC which is not silver backed may be useful when I want to workout in another room. The red chiball is pleasant but not the spiced kind of cinnamon scent I was expecting. However, the dvd quality as far as lighting and sound is outstanding and the orange scented ball I already have lost its scent quickly.

ETA: I just did the first routine of the walking workout I got from Netflix and liked it enough to add the other two workout dvds by the same trainer to my queue. Will give them all a real review once I have tried them all. Do not want to make them a *long wait* LOL
Also did some of the technique chapter from Chiball's Dance of the Dragon and though it looked like I wasn't doing much, I was sweating profusely!

more feedback about CET AC Diamond Lounges

Oh dear, from what I just read online, Caesars DL also has been having overcooked food. Cannot put a huge tray of food under heat for hours and expect it to stay moist. At least, now I have the phone numbers needed to call for the menus in advance so I can skip more mediocre choices and wait for Prime ribs on the carving board which have been reportedly good.
So besides alienating lower tiered Diamond cardholders who had earned Diamond for their previously free DL visits, the folks who earned more than 25,000 tier credits for free DLs and the folks who were willing to pay for improved food will also be abandoning the DLs.
The big question is how will these empty DLs affect their casino business overall?
Will be very interesting to see what the AC CET casinos look like midweek after the summer. Weekends will still draw higher tiered gamblers from all over the country, gamblers who are not yet retired and the younger partying crowd. However, the only advantage of going Diamond for the older retired AC gamblers is using that card to upgrade to Black Label at The Borgata. We much rather give our business to The Borgata and earn their Black Label so we always have plenty of comp accrued for the buffet and lounge. The room fees are $8 less a night, food is much better, and their comp earning rate is twice as fast. Then there is also their frequent slot downloads, nightly comedy club, monthly Bingo, free summer room offers, and best of all, looser machines.

Personally, our AC weekly visits have been enhanced thanks to The Borgata.
We are saving loads of money not pumping CET slot machines anymore and eating better than ever thanks to the CET *enhancements*.
Will be interesting to see how the new Revel will be targeting AC's weekly moderate gamblers.
Will they learn from CET's mistakes and try to lure folks from The Borgata?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sun to Tues AC Trip

Walked plenty Sunday and Monday but it was too hot to try my new walking poles. Also I played slot machines so much that my wrist and hand were sore!! Again didn't lose thanks to The Borgata's downloads and loose machines.
We had the outstanding Sunday Borgata Buffet Brunch earlier in the day so finally tried Harrahs Diamond Lounge for dinner with the free coupons. The lounge was empty which was rare on Sundays, even when off season. Shrimp cocktail was good but everything else was pathetic. In the past they always had 2 entrees and freshly made pasta on Sundays. The overcooked cornish hens, overly battered fish and dry tough pork roast were not an enhancement over the missing fresh pasta. Best part of the hot food were the potatoes. The food preparation has definitely gone downhill with the enhancement, probably because the food sits there for hours. Worse yet, the desserts have taken a huge nosedive. No more Tiramisu and other fancier desserts like in the past before the charge for the *enhancement*. Even my husband would rather spend the $20 comp at Reflections for their overstuffed hot dogs (we share one order) and a root bear float than eat in the lounge so will not be wasting $20 comp at Harrahs DL again.
The people who were surveyed about being willing to pay for better food were totally duped.
The Grapevine has claimed Ballys and Showboat have had no enhancements other than the shrimp cocktail so we may try Caesars eventually. We liked the food at Caesars lounge in the past, just not the single dish offering so maybe having another dish may make them seem enhanced.
We did enjoy the Wild West breakfast buffet on Monday which was much emptier than on weekends so will eat there each trip while they are opened during the week for the summer till my CET comp dwindles. However, The Borgata breakfast buffet still has the advantage of smoked salmon for less comp dollars and comp dollars that accrue twice as quickly so will not mind when my CET comp is gone. Am still pondering whether to go Platinum this year for free parking or just wait till next January to March to go Platinum before our current card tier status ends. Will wait to see if CET has any promotions that will motivate us to play there.
At the rate we have been playing at The Borgata, we will never run out of comps for their buffets and will earn another year of Black Label long before our anniversary date.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


This morning I started with the second routine on ELLE Make Better Sculpt then did the first 3 songs from Zumba Exhilarate, doing most of the cardio from both on the bungee and using 2lb soft palm weights for ELLE.

This heat wave is giving me cabin fever like a blizzard does!
Though I did venture out yesterday before noon, I doubt I will today.

Friday, July 22, 2011


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with the last three songs of Zumba Mix, starting with African Beat2 which is my favorite so far. Then I did the warmup and first routine from Elle Make Better Sculpt which I really like alot in spite of the bland music. Lots of bungee friendly moves.
I also like Elle Make Better Cardio.
Both dvds have plenty of cardio and AWT.

Hoping the Chiball package from Australia arrives today but may take up till next Weds to deliver.

still no package from Australia BUT when picking up a weighted vest for our son at Marshalls, I also picked up a pair of waking poles on clearance. Cannot wait to try them on the beach!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


This morning I did 4 songs from Zumba Mix but just alittle on the bungee cuz my left ankle wasn't cooperating. Loved the African number!!! Then I did the first mile from Biggest Loser Power Walk but with Fitstix and added in alot of upper body. Finished with the last three songs from Misty's Download. In all of the above, I focused on using my upper body more than lower so may do a Jari's squat chapter later.

Considering the humidity, I think my endurance is doing quite well.
At least we loaded up on watermelon thanks to Aldis' sale

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This morning I did 3 more songs from Zumba Mix on the bungee then the Biggest Loser Power Walk mile with a medball then 3 more songs from Misty's downloads.

So it seems that charging comp for lower Tier Diamond members to enter the Diamond Lounge was not for *enhancements* as they had claimed but to just cut their bottomline as I had suspected. The lines are still long and the service still inconsistent because they have cutback on staff and roped off tables. The only enhancement that interested me was the Carving station Prime ribs which haven't even been on the menu everytime I have considered going there!
We are guaranteed Prime rib every evening at The Borgata buffet or Amphora lounge and we earn their comp dollars twice as fast so may be using DH's $40 CET comp in August towards breakfasts and lunches after my comp dollars are gone. We have enough comp dollars earned at The Borgata for dinner every night for the rest of the summer and still earning plenty, well on our way to becoming Black Label without an upgrade for the second year in a row.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CET comp offers

CET came up with a way of alleviating the charge for the Diamond lounges while keeping their lines short and still getting us through their doors. DH just received 2 offers of $20 comp by swiping his card in the kiosk in August (8/1-16 and 8/17-31). Wouldn't surprise me if they make this offer twice a month till the end of his Diamond status.
Now why didn't they do something like this from the beginning??

ETA: Well they aren't really interested in keeping lines short afterall. When DL business is slower, they just rope off parts of the DL so there is still a line!!!


This morning I did the first three songs from Zumba Mix on the bungee. The third song was alittle too tricky so needed alot of modifying. Then I did 3 songs from Misty's downloads, one of which had alot of punching so I picked up my Fitstix. Was sweating profusely so stopped but may do some sparks later.

Asperger Syndrome on the Bachelorette

I have been watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette show on TV since its beginning. Last night Ashley sent Ames home. Watching Ames has been a heartbreaking experience for me because his demeanor has been very similar to our son's. Though not officially diagnosed, our son could be the poster child/adult for Asperger Syndrome. The AS diagnosis became part of the Autistic umbrella after our son was screened heavily as a child so he never had an official diagnosis to explain why he was in *special ed* till high school graduation, even though he has since graduated with honors from college.

It was great to see so many fans of the show liking Ames and rooting for him. Our son is also a *sweetie* like Ames but it will take a very understanding woman to appreciate either man.
I wish more people would understand this quirkiness and had treated our son better. Hopefully, those watching the show will realize that people with social awkwardness are worth having as friends.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Yoga Play clip

This is a short clip from Winalee's Yoga Play reflecting its music and style.
For more information, check the Heartdance website:

Jump to It on youtube!

Jump to It is an old rebounding workout on vhs.
Looks old in its costumes and hair styles but some of the moves and music are much better than newly released rebounder workouts IMHO

tank top giveaway on Two Belles Fitness

There are two Zobha tank tops being given away at Two Belles Fitness
these tank tops both look wonderful!


Don't know whether it was the heat or the workout I tried (Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped Rock Body) or a combination of both but just couldn't get moving this morning. The workout had very boring music and a dark look which didn't help. The warmup was the worse I had ever seen, very fast and choppy hilo. Almost made JayLoFitness, the worse dvd I ever bought look good. Most of Jari's cardio was boring and tedious to me. The dance cardio by another instructor was ok but not nearly as much fun as Zumba, etc. Jari kept mentioning having fun but I didn't feel any and doubt that was totally heat related. I did do the squat chapter and may try some of the other resistance chapters later. Had to stop because of the heat and sweatng profusely.

ETA: just did some more of the weights while doing laundry and did like the biceps but did hammer curls with a band instead of palms up with weights to protect my elbows.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday and movies

This morning I did the second interval from *Get Extremely Ripped 1000* up to the planks, using the bungee for cardio and bands instead of weights.
Then I did 3 more Misty songs and just the warmup from Zumba's Exhilarate cuz was pooping quickly.
Finished with some Classical Stretch.

I am using the bungee more and more so starting to do most of my workout in our living room with more fresh air, sunlight and higher ceiling and liking it!

Watched quite a few movies the past few days and *The King's Speech* definitely was the best of the lot IMHO.
Was alittle disappointed in *The Fighter* probably because of all of the hype.
Since we are in the middle of a free Netflix trial and can get the next month at the old prices, we may continue the combined $9.99 unlimited online instant watch and one dvd at a time plan for its last month then cancel.
May actually restart HBO to see the newest True Blood season VOD and a few flicks for a month then go to the Redbox and/or Library to see newer flicks. Netflix one dvd at a time will still be cheaper than Blockbusters but Blockbusters also includes games by mail and in store movie exchanges for mailers. Only problem is their games by mail never really worked well for us and the next dvd isn't mailed until the store exchange is returned. Our son can use either all week but since we aren't even home to watch dvd movies many days a week, it is hard to decide which way to go this winter. Will wait till the Netflix and Blockbuster dust settles and then determine if either is worthwhile. The way FIOS prices have started escalating, we will avoid too many additional plans with them as much as possible.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I had given all of my older Jari Love dvds away because found them too heavily into resistance without much cardio so was surprised that I liked the standing segments of the first Interval of
*Get Extremely Ripped 1000* this morning! Almost had skipped this dvd completely till a friend told me that it was good on the bungee, had a separate cardio options and decent music. I even liked the weights with some tweaking, doing them more as AWT with homemade XCO trainers than heavier lifting. May try them with a band next time.

Then I did 3 more Misty songs and enjoyed all.
Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday and some AC Observations

Walked over 22,000 paces yesterday and today and got alot of Vitamin D.
Weather was gorgeous and we had alot of download offers yesterday and today so decided to go for one night last night and cancel Sunday's AC reservation because not as much to lure us then.
Did very well on the downloads so actually won alittle!

Never did make it to Harrahs' Diamond Lounge cuz the menu was unappetizing compared to The Borgata buffet but did eat yesterday's lunch at Harrahs' Reflections (love their stuffed hot dog which is enough food for two people) and this morning's breakfast at Caesars (love their veggie eggs Benedict). Still have lots of CET comp to burn for breakfast and lunch. Harrahs buffet line looked way shorter than on Thursday for dinner than last summer. Lots of people get a free buffet coupon for Thursdays (or Mondays). Harrahs and Showboat casinos (penny slots) were way emptier than The Borgata yesterday. Harrahs' Diamond Lounge looked deserted. The crowds in the hallways were mostly young families. Kids are being seen and heard alot more in the center of the casinos as well. I remember when the Sands would only allow our kids to walk directly through the second floor from the parking garage to the escalators with security guards holding walkie talkies on either side!

I did see (and smell) way too much smoking in non smoking areas in Harrahs including a nasty cigar and a gal who was dressed like a hooker this morning and smoked all the way through the bus area and into the lobby at Showboat without a security guard making a peep. I gave up getting directly involved and obviously, so has the CET security.
WOW I just read the new Revel opening next year will be completely smoke free!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chiball, a company that cares about customers

Got a very nice email from Chiball.

Since the exchange rate had reversed between the US and Australia, making their products much more expensive in the US, I am being offered a pressed PAL DVD, a pressed NTSC DVD and a free cinnamon scented red Chiball which makes it comparable in price to the Dance of the Dragon set I almost ordered 2 years ago. They are also in the process of opening an American market to reduce costs for their products here.

Weds NetFlix and CET Alienating Customers

Another great workout and on another humid day so my slump is officially over. Also I have lost another 1/2 inch off my thigh so I think doing those new Jumpsport workouts had an effect.
This morning I warmed up to MUVE on the bungee. I have to say MUVE screams out to be done on a bungee rebounder!
Then I did 3 songs from Misty's downloads and really liked the one that involves big slow walks. Then did the Ballet from Caribbean Workout: A New You which started like Nia then really worked the lower body with pseudo-ballet. Finished with much needed Classical Stretch.

I really feel for the loyal Netflix fans. Separating the Streaming and dvd accounts has doubled the original cost of the one dvd at a time plan in less than a year. From the way CET treated us, I know exactly how they feel even though we are in the middle of our first free trial that includes instant watch programming and have not been impressed with the offerings. From what I have seen online, Netflix may lose half of their customers, many of whom have been with them for several years. It's ironic how similar the comments are about this Netflix change. Almost sounds identical to that of the CET Diamond Lounge change. We will eventually try Redbox and our local library for movie dvds if the urge to see one strikes. Maybe Blockbusters will hang in there and improve their game by mail service. They just started a new plan that sounds interesting, renting a specific game for $5 for 7 days by mail or store which may lure some from Netflix who prefer games by mail to lame streaming video content. Me? no dog in this fight LOL

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Economy

when I went to order a workout dvd from Chiball in Australia after its price had dropped a bit, I was shocked to see how badly the American dollar devalued since 2 years ago!
Even though the dvd is listed lower, it is costing around $12 more!!

2 years ago the American dollar was 1 1/2 times higher in value than the Australian dollar.
Now the American dollar is worth several cents less than the Australian dollar.

I am trying to cancel the order especially if they are just sending me a dvdr clone of the original PAL pressed dvd to be compatible with the US region dvd players. At least, I can resell the pressed dvd if disappointed. Not willing to pay over $40 for a dvdr.

ETA: Chiball customer service generously offered me both the PAL and NTSC dvds plus a red (cinnamon scented) chiball!!! So it is like I bought the whole set two years ago LOL

ETA: Another rant....
We had just started a free trial of Netflix for a plan which included unlimited instant watching ($8) and one dvd at a time for another $2 or ~$10 total. Just got an email from them that they are separating their instant and dvd plans so as of 9/1, they would cost $8 each and twice as much for both or $16. So will be canceling just before the free trial period ends. Not impressed with their instant content or their dvd turnaround.


This morning I warmed up to MUVE on the bungee (the song from Hairspray and Suddenly I See). MUVE is really rebounder friendly because Maggie does alot of bouncing when rooting. She also uses minimal floor space and great music.

Then I did some of Basu's Love Yourself and am feeling a move new to me already in my inner thighs. I did her cardio on the YogFlex with Fitstix.
Next I did 3 more songs from Misty's Body Groove downloads.
Then finished with some of the chiball routine from the Caribbean Workout: A New You dvd. Really liked everything I did and worked out for over an hour in spite of the humidity, something I haven't done in a very long time even on comfortable days.

Also peeked at the rest of *A New You* and liked the looks of its Ballet chapter, especially its warmup because it looked like Nia.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday and Misty Rave

This morning I did the rest of the Jumpsport Body Bounce Circuit which was decent but nothing special, although one legged deadlifts on the bungee sure added intensity! Then I did something really special:
6 songs from my Misty Tripoli Body Groove downloads.
They are so much better in the doing than the previewing!
no dread factor
feel good unique large body movements
use every part of the body, including fingers and eyes
~ 5 minute short and sweet songs, 30 of them!

Yes, the video files were tedious to download, one by one then to convert from Quicktime mov to extensions recognized by Windows DVD Maker (or Windows Media Center) and burn but worth every second and every dollar. Once ordered, the link is only good for 3 days so be prepared to download immediately! I even downloaded the music and the mp3 files just in case I want them down the road.
check out the 3 free videos on
and remember the code *Tweet10* to save $10 if you decide to buy the whole download

This huge download may turn out to beat even my current favorites Planet Motion World Dance workout and the Body Gospel set because of its versatility and ~150 minutes.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


This morning I did the 2nd and 3rd circuits from Body Bounce Circuit and really felt the intensity by digging down into the bungee. The moves aren't anything new or fancy but definitely feel the difference by focusing on pushing downwards into the mat. Then I did the second half of Zumba's Activate and finished with some of Bipasa Basu's Love Yourself which I have been wanting a long time and found on youtube!
still may get the dvd for the option of changing the music tracks.

ETA: Misty gave permission to share this discount for her new downloads
Use the coupon code "Tweet10" to save $10 if ordering the whole package

Saturday, July 9, 2011


This morning I did the 3 free clips being offered by Misty Tripoli on her new groove series which is actually the third. However, this one isn't on dvd and is just available as a download of all 30 songs, including the three freebies or individually for alot more $$

Then I did the warmup from the Jumpsport Body Bounce Circuit which was mostly the basic bounce then planks so switched to the rest of Beto's chair workout on Zumba Ripped and really liked it! He does some Zumba cardio inbetween strength moves. Even some cardio while sitting.

OK will be trying to see if I can arrange a deal on the new Misty series since I previously bought her other two. Some customers are being offered a $10 discount on Twitter but I only use Twitter for direct messaging texts with my son cuz more reliable than the AT&T message center.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Part2 CardioCore Express

OK I just did the whole CardioCore Express dvd workout by Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline which in itself, says alot because most workouts do not hold my attention for more than 20 minutes.
First what I didn't like:
music was way too soft unlike all of their other dvds
chaptering was really meaningless, just warmup, workout and last circuit which included a stretch

What I did like:
shorter intervals which held my attention
sneaky intensity if you follow the cues and push into the mat with your lower body
some unique tweaking of old moves making them feel more intense especially in the second circuit where a bounce-hold was very challenging for me

Really do not need a stability bar except for the pull ups which I can do in other ways. My bar on the glider next to the bungee came in handy for the bar pushups which can also be done against a wall. The male background exerciser did most of the moves without the bar. Even if your model came with a stability bar, it probably isn't worth the bother to attach it.

Anywho, I sweated plenty and feel like I worked the whole body aerobically. Didn't do anything else because I felt it was the perfect intensity and duration for this morning's workout.

ETA: here is a complete breakdown of the moves!

Friday Part1

Will be adding my workout details later but just had to confirm my suspicions. I lost another pound this week thanks to the veggies at The Borgata. It seems like I can just eat cleaner there than at the CET DLs and buffets. Also since we are paying out of my comp account when we have breakfast or lunch at Reflections (Harrahs coffee shop), we are splitting one entree because the portions are huge and I hate to waste food (or comps LOL).

Off to try some new workouts from Jumpsport soon. I did a quick preview and unlike Bounce Camp, the cardio precedes the strength in the circuits so much better chaptering for me :)
Moves seemed pretty much the same old standard rebounding moves but the music was loud enough to hopefully, keep me bouncing.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Monday through Thursday

We stayed pretty much at The Borgata most of this trip. We had good seats for their July 4th fireworks right at our room's window. It was awesome being level with the fireworks and a pleasure to have the glass muffling some of the sound.

Everytime we visited a CET property, we found more reasons to return to The Borgata ASAP and just stay there. We attempted Ballys Beat the Heat but didn't even hang around to see if either of us won the pathetic $5 download now that it has to be higher than 87 to get a dollar a degree more. Total Rewards buses were impossible to use with huge families filling them up and our last breakfast this morning at Harrahs had 2 women with a table full of kids going wild from before we sat down till after we left. Luckily, we had a table as far from them as possible but the glass shattering shrieking from them was non-stop. Yes, I used to take my kids to AC and restaurants but they behaved or we immediately left.

CET is losing their core gamblers. The CET casinos were emptier than they were in June when the kids were still in school while The Borgata was as busy as ever. Doubt these gamblers will return in the Fall when CET may start sending room comps and other promotions again because they have already found other playgrounds like The Borgata and Vegas and racinos in PA and DE.

Anywho the machines were loose at The Borgata and I had plenty of action and earned comp as fast as we ate it in the buffet and Amphora lounge so a perfect trip on The Borgata side of the marina.

ETA: huge disappointment tonight. I was really looking forward to trying the live feeds for Big Brother now that I had a new puter and FIOS but after seeing their twists of returning house mates, I lost interest quickly. Can barely listen to Rachel the three hours a week on the show till she is gone, the sooner the better.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday & where to eat in AC

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with MUVE. Then I did about 30 minutes of Zumba Ripped: the rest of the Toning and some of the chair chapters. Really liked the combination of Zumba cardio and AWT.

Will be mostly walking the rest of the week in our home away from home.
Now that Ballys has ended its play for a free buffet promotion, we have to figure out how to spend my CET Total Rewards comp in AC because I am only Platinum for the first time this year after many consecutive Diamond years. My husband doesn't have nearly as much comp even though Diamond, previously draining his comp to get special comp from Ballys Racetrack betting and now needs his for the Diamond lounges when The Borgata's dinner lines are too long. Have lots of Borgata comp and will be earning plenty more. lronically, it's the reversal of our previous eating pattern.

I love the stuffed hot dogs at Harrahs' Reflections which is enough food for two people so will definitely be spending a large part of my comp on that particular dish for lunch the rest of the year. Absolutely disappointed in the food at their new Bill's Burger. Guess the rest will go towards Caesars veggie eggs Benedict, Showboat's cheap eggs and bacon, or Ballys omelet of the day for breakfasts. Dinners will mostly be at The Borgata cuz love their dinner buffet but may occasional hit their Amphora lounge for a change of pace. Will treat ourselves to the breakfast buffet at The Borgata before leaving for home most trips. However will pay cash for The Borgata's Bread & Butter or foodcourt (love the Japanese stand) for as long as either of us are Black Label.

When my CET comp is gone, we can pay cash at the 2:1 places like McCormicks for hamburgers or Johnny Rockets for breakfast. There is always the Whitehouse for subs and a sprinkling of restaurants not affiliated with casinos on the boardwalk or in the mall. Neither of us will be playing enough at CET to be getting any free buffet offers so that comp will probably be long gone months before my husband's Diamond status ends. Eventually, we will find a place to be our #2 casino since The Borgata is now our #1. We used to get free buffet offers and earn comp quickly at The Hilton so may try our luck there. We were totally turned off by the vibe in the Gold Nugget, formerly the Trump Marina so that option is off the table for us. Life will go on in AC for us even though our former top 4 CET casinos do not appreciate our business.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday & loving workouts with Louder Music

This morning I warmed up on the bungee with MUVE then did some Zumba Activate (music only!) then some Zumba Toning. Unfortunately the sections I did from Zumba Toning had verbal cuing. I definitely prefer music only or music louder. Wish more workouts had those options.

Another Company Disappoints, Nia now

I love Nia and always had great customer service from them. They are currently running a 40% off sale BUT they marked up their original price so the sale price is actually higher than their dvds were before the sale! Dvds used to be $15 each and are now $18 with the sale??

If anyone would like to try Nia,
Planet Motion World Dance is a great alternative
You can purchase it with confidence at
and enter 10Off to get another 10% off
can also get free shipping by adding something for another $1.05

Can also order it directly from Kendra, paying ~$5 more for shipping at

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Happy July!

This morning I did the 3rd circuit from Bounce Camp then a couple of hours later the second half of Body Gospel's band workout. Maybe walking to lunch later at a favorite neighborhood restaurant.

ETA: Instead of the walking to lunch, I did a Zumba spark.
Got a second phonecall from Jumpsport and immediately caved for the other two dvds LOL
After feeling like an abused customer by other companies like CET, I had to cave because of Jumpsport's excellent customer service.

Busting through the Plateau and AC

So after 12 years of being plateaued, I am suddenly losing about a pound a month since eating healthier. Having healthier food choices in our home to help our son lower his LDL has dramatically improved the last quarterly blood test results for my husband and myself, even though we have both been on Lipitor for a couple of decades.

Since looking for healthier food choices in AC, we started going to the Diamond lounges less and less so the new admittance charge will really not affect us that much. There was one night we brought my cousins to the lounge and they couldn't eat anything both being on salt restriction. It opened my eyes to how unhealthy the Diamond lounge food choices actually were. Last time I was there after the enhancement on the last day there was to be no charge, all of the hot food was fat ladened and there were no healthy vegetables other than cucumbers. Don't think smothered in oil onions and mushrooms were a healthy choice for a vegetable. One thing I love about The Borgata's buffet and Amphora Lounge are their delicious vegetables.

There really is no need to diet and feel deprived at home or when away to improve health.
Just small changes like cutting back on meat portions and having more fiber can easily bring welcomed results.