Saturday, November 30, 2013

Editing Video Files and Sharing

Editing workout video files has become a hobby of mine.
Since MUving to MUsic is my movement of choice, I have found most workout video audios uninspiring.  Sometimes the cuing or music can become quite annoying. I much rather get into the MUsic and freestyle when there are moves I do not wish to follow 100%.  Then there are moves like planks which I do not do and do not feel like constantly modifying or fast forwarding past.  These moves can be easily removed when I add MUsic.

Just want to remind anyone interested in trying some of my MUsic added video files, I do share them privately for free either through filemail, dropbox or Daily Motion so drop me a line if interested at
I cannot share them publicly because of the song copyrights which create quite a convoluted maze.  Plus even the instructors in many videos do not have a clue as to who owns the original copyrights of their creations!
Better yet, I can give you tips on how to edit your own videos if you would like to give it a try.

This morning I did some of my edited Biggest Loser Last Chance routine on the bungee then a routine found online called *Awesome Butt  Exercises for Women* which had very good effective moves then finished with some Solibeat on the stability ball.  The stability ball works very well with Solibeat!

Here's a sample clip of the edited BL video:

This is the Solibeat song Djole which I did previously did on the bungee but revisited sitting on a stability ball:

Jammin with Solibeat by POMBarb

Heads up
Jessicasmithtv has a new cardio and band fusion routine which looks GREAT!

and here is my edited file with free MUsic from Amazon

JS Cardio Band Fusion free MU by POMBarb

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Fitness

Join Shape and Jessica Smith's new Black Friday series for the next 5 Fridays.
You can also enter to win a gift card
Win a $500 Gift Card for Holiday Shopping with Black Friday Fitness - Shape Magazine

Of course, I had to add my own MUsic to the Black Friday Fitness week 1 and edit out the floor stuff for my own use :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Holidays

I had another wonderful workout thanks to this video to which I had added MUsic and edited out planks, etc.  It had great moves on the 550F or stability ball and the option to use my Fitstix.
original video

Since the Holiday season is about to begin, I am sharing my Holiday MUsic added videos on Daily Motion:

Holiday Walk 1 by POMBarb

Holiday Walk 2nd Mile by POMBarb

Holiday Walk 3 by POMBarb

Buff Girl Christmas by POMBarb

Also there is a playlist at
▶ Happy Holidays - A Video PlayList on Dailymotion

ETA: I also recaptured the Joanie Greggains' Holiday Workout VHS because I couldn't find my video file from last year.  There's an occasional flutter but at least the new file plays without a vcr.

Joanie Greggains Holiday WO by POMBarb

Monday, November 25, 2013

Life is Good

I had another workout party this morning leaving me with a great endorphin high.  It seems like pumping MUsic with my 550F bungee is about the best kind of MUving I can do.  Not only do I workout longer and feel energized and less pain all day, I must have ignited my metabolism because I have lost 5 pounds since getting the 550F.  Plus I no longer have Grand Jury duty hanging over my head so no more flashbacks about being the victim of a mugging over 40 years ago and I am enjoying food more because I finally decided to have a vulnerable tooth capped.  Our older son has landed a job at decent enough pay enabling him to move out after staying with us for September, October and half of November.  So most emotional and physical stresses have been minimized.

This morning I did Keli Roberts 10 minute Solution Kickbox Bootcamp to which I had added MUsic and removed planks, etc.  It was great on the 550F with Fitstix.  Then I did a DA Power Pilates standing routine to which I had added MUsic, removed the planks, and Nia-cised it making it more aerobic.  Finished with the Bergman stick routine using the light Katami bar.  Another Vidiot questioned why buy dvds if I add my own MUsic and tweak the moves.
My response is *Why Not?*.  If I can make a workout routine more appealing for myself, why not?  The routines which are already perfect for me are rare and I crave variety.

Here's the original DA Power Pilates routine:

Also here is a sample of a ball bouncing spark in front of my laptop:

Ball Spark Sample by POMBarb
Just play any video and/or song and have fun without any stress on your joints.
Can just use your pc's chair if no stability ball handy.

ETA: 11/26
This morning I did a bunch of old workouts to which I had added MUsic.
Most were found online including routines by the Biggest Loser, Leslie Sansone and Denise Austin.
Adding MUsic brought them to life.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Bouncing Barb

I have been having such a blast on the Jumpsport 550F PRO Fitness Trampoline that I decided to record and share some of my current bouncing on Daily Motion.  Most of the moves were from routines found online but I usually start tweaking the moves a bit, following the beat of my own inner drummer.  This recording session turned into quite a Tabata workout!  Getting off and on the 550F between tunes were my resting periods. LOL

Here's the link to my new playlist:
▶ Bouncing Barb - A Video PlayList on Dailymotion

I can truly say I made the best choice for me with the 550F PRO.  A higher price tag does not guarantee any rebounder will be a better personal choice.   The bounce is so much faster and more stable that I have been able to workout longer without straining my feet, ankles, knees, or hips.  The results have been more energy, less pain and ok, I did drop a few pounds too.

It's hard to decide which others to suggest because each showcases a different tune and some move suggestions for the 550F.  The audio sounds alot better in my basement than what the webcam recorded so do not let the audio quality deter you from adding your own MUsic!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Solibeat and Nia Sale

I have been sparking with Solibeat and really love most of the routines, especially with the drumbeat MUsic. Finally, a dvd which can keep my attention without any editing :)
Solibeat can be purchased directly from

or from TotalFitnessDvds

Intensity-wise, it is most similar to Nia's Unplugged.
Speaking of Nia, Nia has its dvds on sale, currently back down to the ~$15 price.

Solibeat on the 550F

Jammin with Solibeat by POMBarb

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Still MUving

This morning I did the 10 Minute Solution: Tone Troubled Zones with Amy Bento but I had trimmed out the moves I didn't want to do while adding MUsic.  At first I did most of the moves without a band, just isometrically while bouncing then I did more of the moves with a band.  There were some nice new variations of old moves.

Then I did my similarly edited version of the FitAppy Jumprope routine.

I really enjoyed the above routines with the MUsic I had added.

Finished with the warmup from Dance Your Ass Off.

Already did an outdoor walk as a spark and may do another spark with Solibeat later today:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All MUsic Added Fun

This morning I started with Jessicasmithtv Quick Cardio Fatburn:

It had good moves for the 550 and the music I added really made it fun.

Then I did most of Chris Freytag's Exercise TV Walking Cardio Shape-up:

This too had good moves on the 550 plus my purple Zumba sticks and even bounce-sitting on a stability ball, especially with the MUsic I had added.

Finished with a nice back stretch using a dowel from Roberta Bergman's Back Shape-up series  to which I had added MUsic as well.

ETA Weds 11/20:
This morning I did the rest of the Chris Freytag Walking Cardio Shape-up as a mini-workout before heading out for the first day of Grand Jury duty.  Again the cardio was great on the 550.  Since my feet feel better, I will resume health bouncing on the 370 after standing on my glider for a gravel-like walk whenever I can throughout the day.
ETA: Make that the first and last day of Grand Jury Service!
I was dismissed or whatever it is called.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Never Too Late

I was afraid that my body was going to quit long before my mind when it came to moving.  In my earlier decades, I actually had more joint pain than I experienced in my 50's when I first started exercising regularly.  Then the 60's started and things seemed to be going downhill way quicker than I had expected.
In June 2012, I had alot of problems with the joints on my right side to the point of considering moving to a home without stairs.   My right knee and hip were getting more annoying.  Then missing the bottom step on the stairs made me mentally as well as physically afraid of stairs.  Eventually I healed enough to lose the fear and discovered the Sacro-Wedgy which helped greatly to keep my right side more aligned.
Then I had the PF flare a year later in June 2013.
Ever since the PF started and wearing supports, I was making an effort to change my gait, seeing too much pressure on the outer part of the shoes.  My right foot always pointed outward 30 to 45 degrees instead of straight and my right side had the worse PF as well as knee, and hip/low back pain.
Whenever I worked out on the bungee or walked outside, I have made an extra effort to keep my right toes straight while holding my core up and in.  During a long walk this morning, I noticed no twinges in any part of my feet, knees or hips/low back.   Hopefully, eventually, I will walk this way without making the conscious corrections.  I can honestly say I am more comfortable now in my mid 60's than I ever have been since my 20's when I was going to PT and chiropractors for back problems then neck problems.

Hope nothing deteriorates in June 2014!

also in an attempt to be proactive to save a tooth before root canal, I started having a molar capped this morning and am happy to report, the tooth with its temp cap is pain free after the Novocaine has worn off.  I have not been able to safely chew on that side for over 4 years!

Nice Mix

This morning I did 40 minutes of Wendy Ida's Fountain of Youth with MUsic added. First 20 minutes on the 550 then 10 sit-bouncing on the stability ball then the last 10 doing my own things with bands.  Next I did a TA inspired rebounder routine found online and was able to do all of the moves on the 550 without missing a beat!
Finished with a nice Tonique Pulsing Arms routine:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bunch of short routines

This morning I did a bunch of short routines.

This worked great with the MUsic I added as a warmup on the bungee:

After this I did the rest of of Debbie Rocker's Quick Weightloss Walk with MUsic added.
Next a bunch of XCO and Body Shake routines using a purple Zumba stick when a single BodyShake weight routine and Fitstix when a double weighted XCO routine.  Then I did a few Zumba dance and toning routines.

Finished with some Billy Blanks, Jr. Cardioke but while sitting on a stability ball.

I tried to find some of the other routines I did this morning on youtube but was unsuccessful.  I had recorded most to a VideoCD quite awhile ago.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

MUsic and MUving

As mentioned a zillion times, when the music and moves click for me, I get the best energizing workout. However, I cannot really determine which music and moves will click until I actually try them.  This morning's workout started out just ok, not great.  I didn't know if it was the music and/or the moves not motivating me. It was some TaeBo Express to which I had added new music I thought I would like.  Even if the moves don't connect while the music does, I can freestyle or tweak the moves so I am guessing it was a combination of both and will be deleting the songs from my library.

Next I did some routines uploaded by youtube user Andrea Ramirez (  which I enjoyed, including a stability ball routine:

I used a purple Zumba stick for the standing core instead of lifting my stability ball.
Also liked her band routines on the beach and joined them together when adding MUsic.

Then I did the Stamina Challenge from Billy Blanks, Jr.'s Cardioke.  Most of Cardioke was shown on Exercise TV but I bought the now OOP dvd for the Proud Mary routine not shown on TV.  I was able to do much more of it on the 550F than I ever could before.  I loved Cardioke but unfortunately, didn't click with Billy Blanks, Jr, sequel workouts.  The Blanks do have some of their Cardioke songs on youtube:

Finished with some of Debbie Rocker's Quick Start Walking for Weightloss which really clicked with the MUsic I had added!  This confirmed that my initial disinterest was not because of a low energy day.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Still MUving

This morning I did some of Wendy Ida's Fountain of You to which I had added MUsic.  Also have to try her routines with new music which I just burned during this morning's workout.  I really like her simple moves and combos on the 550.  Then I did some nice Qigong with MUsic found online:

ETA Friday 11/15:
This morning I did some more Wendy Ida's Fountain of You but with new MUsic from an exercise friend.  Then I did an online band workout to which I had added music and finished with some Buti greatly modified to work on the bungee and ball:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Gmail Issues

I noticed that I hadn't received as much email as usual after returning from AC this week.
Then I realized most email sent to my aol email address were not being forwarded to my gmail address like they used to be.  When googling this issue, I found many people cannot even access their gmail accounts within this past week.
if you are expecting to hear from me and have not,
please email me at

ETA:  my gmail account suddenly got all of the old aol mail on 11/17
good thing I started using aol mail service and wasn't depending on it!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Fantastic Workout this Morning

Initially, I was afraid my workout would be limited because of a strange new pain in my (usually better) left foot which woke me up but luckily Arnica gel did the trick.  I had added MUsic to Leslie Sansone's 4 Power Miles so I stated with the first mile which was not quite as repetitive as her previous routines and worked great on the bungee with the MUsic I had added.  I was so into it that I got an Endorphin rush!  So I continued with the second mile and really enjoyed the power surges thanks to the 550.
(I cannot share the Leslie routines with my added MUsic because the dvd is still being sold.)

Next I did the OOP Paul Katami band routine shown on Exercise TV and it was quite good.  Even did the sitting on the floor stuff while sitting on the 550.
(It was embedded on 11/9 but I may be getting a higher quality donation of it)

Finished with some of the Qigong on the beach to which I had added perfect MUsic while keeping the sounds of the ocean.   There are alot of nice Qigong routines on the Daily Motion channel shared on 11/9:

ETA:   Since it is too chilly for an outdoor walk,  I pushed my chair away and clicked on this video file on my laptop.  I had added music from an exercise cd to Jessica Smith's Flat Abs Walk:
Jessica Smith has given me permission to use my own music with her videos.  Original video can be found uploaded on jessicasmithtv

ETA: This morning (Weds 11/13) was more Leslie and Qigong on the beach with MUsic added and some Barre3 Xtend.  Finished with some XCO AWT using Fitsticks.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mo Better Me

Every now and then a real treasure gets found online.
The other day, another VFer found these Mo Better Me routines
Malik Daronce Daniels - YouTube

I downloaded and burned some files to dvdr just before leaving for an AC overnighter.  Since I got back this afternoon, I tried one as a spark on the bungee and it was great!

I found another youtube user with more routines and am downloading a few of them for my next burn:
Mo Better Me - YouTube

Camela Douglass reminds me of one of my favorite workout creators Kukuwa.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Praying for the Philippines

My heart is breaking for all lived in the Philippines and their loved ones abroad.
Cannot imagine the devastation to such a wonderful, warm, and loving culture.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Exercise TV Band WO with Paul Katami

A lost treasure has been found ...
The band workout from Exercise TV with Paul Katami:

PK-Band HQ by POMBarb

ETA: I replaced the video with a higher quality file.

Customer of the Month

Yesterday I had a phone chat because I was asked to be the next Jumpsport *Customer of the Month*.  I do not receive anything in exchange except the opportunity to make some other people suffering with PF aware of the benefits of the 550F.  Since some photos were requested, I lugged my laptop to the basement to take some photos using its webcam.  I then decided to see if I could videotape myself using the webcam. None of us have a *smart phone* with a camera/videocamera and after seeing that our older son while living with us for 2 months having his smart phone in his hands 24/7 have decided never to get one till one of our old Tracfones die.  This was what his extended visit was like when he would grace us with his company:

Otherwise, he silently came and went and stayed in the bedroom with his laptop and of course, phone.

Anywho I digress....
I discovered the capturing ULead software that came with my Easycap dongle was better for capturing video through the Webcam than the Webcam by itself so did capture some videos.  I put the string of short videos on the webpage below which also has a sample of the DVD that came with the 370 and 550F.

Keep MUving *Just Right*: Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline Cardio

This morning I did some of the Jumpsport Cardio then some of Leslie's Blue mile to which I had added MUsic around last December and had a blast on the 550 and stability ball.   The music is so good on the Jumpsport DVD and the cuing so helpful, I may not do my *MUsic adding* thing with it . Then I revisited some of Nia's Awareness of the Thighbones on the same burned dvdr BUT this time on top of the 550 and LURVED it!!! Those couple of extra inches did make a difference in being able to do Nia while healthbouncing.

So after a whole week of bouncing on the 550, I am finding myself more energized during and after the workouts.  Plus I have dropped a few pounds and inches.  May be just water or even lymph.
The 550 was clearly the very best fitness purchase I have ever made.
I may be their most satisfied Customer of the Year. LOL

Friday, November 8, 2013

John Abdo Walks

This morning I warmed up with some of the basic routine on the dvd which came with the 550.  Actually, I already have this extended dvd but wanted to make sure this was a good copy before giving it away.  I really like the moves used by the beginner modifier.  The routines are short but gives a new customer some ideas how to use a bungee.

Next I did the John Abdo Fat Blaster Walk to which I had added MUsic because its original music was too soft.  I really like John's quirkiness and fun moves. Worked great on the 550.

Abdo Fat Blaster Walk MU by POMBarb

After realizing I had been ignoring the stability ball since getting the 550, I used a Hamelin D'Abell interval routine found online that used a jump rope for cardio:

  The latter two routines were burned to dvdr on 11/22/2012.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

This morning I started to revisit the first dvdr I had burned on 11/4/2012 after electricity was restored following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy.  I had already done many of the routines by playing the video files still on my laptop thanks to its battery during Sandy's aftermath.  Those 10 minutes a day I rationed myself were the only bright part of my day.  No internet. No TV. No landline service. Inconsistent cell phone service.  Our only contact with the rest of the world was a transistor radio.
We didn't even see our older son who was visiting NYC when he was residing in London.
My main exercise was keeping large pots of water steaming on the stove top for heat and cooking.
Walking outside was dangerous because of fallen wires and downed trees and limbs and other debris.
Luckily the Jumpsport 370 had been relocated to our living room with windows so I could use it.

Anywho this morning I revisited what was my first and still favorite Leslie Sansone routine:
Walkaerobics Weight Loss Walk
BUT I had replaced the audio with free Holiday Music.
Here is the second mile:

Holiday Walk 2nd Mile by POMBarb

The three miles are filmed in a living room with a window reflecting different parts of the day.
Leslie offered much more variety in her walking moves back then and most of the moves work well on rebounders, especially the Jumpsport 550.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bungee Rebounders and Plantar Fasciitis

Sadly, now that I have used the larger Jumpsport 550F PRO, my bare feet really do not like my older Jumpsport 370 at all.  It is definitely the tighter mat tension  that has enabled me to do more stuff and for longer periods of time, not just the larger mat size.  The tension also gives me more overhead space in my basement with a low ceiling. I feel 10 years younger being able to do so much more.
Very glad I chose the Jumpsport PRO over a Bellicon, having discovered for myself that my bare feet needed the higher cord tension.  There were no real reviews of the PROs online so this was an unexpected discovery for myself.  From what I have read, even the cheapest Jumpsport bungee has more tension than most Bellicons.  Maybe because most people ordering a Bellicon do not get the Ultra cords but I am glad I didn't spend a few hundred dollars more to find out if that is true or not.

The larger 550/570 Jumpsports come with 6 more cords to increase the tension on the larger mat which was a brilliant design.  The smaller PROs also have the extra cords.

For me, the main advantage of a higher tension mat is for Plantar Fasciitis.
The looser the tension, the more it strains the feet and ankles to stay balanced and in alignment. However, the strain on the feet and ankles can be lessened by wearing shoes.  Weight can also affect the mat tension effect.  The heavier a person is, the more they will sink.

What people may not like about higher tension is the bounce has less range of motion, not going as deeply into the mat so the bounce may feel less luxurious or harder to those without feet issues.
Many Bellicon customers choose looser tension over higher tension cords so it became very confusing to me which I should order if I chose the Bellicon over the Jumpsport.  I should also mention besides Bellicons costing more, the warranty on the Jumpsport cords is much longer than the warranty for Bellicon cords.

Other than straining the feet less, the higher tension makes the bounce much faster for athletic cardio and thanks to the bungees, the bounce isn't jarring or noisy like with springs.  I have also read the higher tension mat pumps lymph more efficiently so the softer bounce of a Bellicon may not be the better choice for physical health.  It was suggested a Bellicon user can hold a heavy weight to pump more lymph.

Just wanted to throw this out there for those on the verge of ordering a bungee that a higher price tag may not mean higher quality or better health.

This morning I warmed up on the 550 with some MUVE songs then did some of Denise Austin's Quick Burn Cardio routine to which I had added MUsic then some Essentrics Abs with Qigong MUsic.  Denise offered great moves on the 550!

ETA: 9/16/2014
It has been confirmed that the center of the 49 inch Bellicon mat is softer than its edges.  My 550 PRO is almost a year old and the center of its mat still has a firm bounce without adjusting the cord  tension tighter.  If you have Plantar Fasciitis, do not buy a 49 inch Bellicon!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Careless Drivers

We live across the street from an elementary school.  Yesterday my son and I took a walk around the school just as the kids were coming out.  When we got to a crosswalk, a crossing guard had traffic stopped and waved for us to cross.  As we were crossing, a car came around the corner and kept going right through the crosswalk in front of us and didn't stop till almost hitting the crossing guard who was furiously blowing his whistle.  I saw the driver's window was down so he had no excuse not to stop, other than being deaf as well as blind.  He simply was a menace on the road and should not have been driving.
Today there is a new sign right in the middle of the road before the crosswalk which will hopefully save a life.  Kudos to the crossing guard who got such quick action from our town.

New DVDr and Focus

This morning I started a dvdr I burned yesterday (11/4).  First I did Jessica's 10 Minute Cardio Quickie which froze at a particular spot even after cleaning the dvdr and player but I was able to fast forward over the spot.  I checked my video file and it is fine so it was probably the player having a reading glitch. Then I did a couple of her other newer lower body routines.  I had added MUsic to all of the above and removed all floor segments.  Then I jumped to the Bamercise to which I had added MUsic and had a blast.  I used a Zumba stick for the single bottle and Fitstix for the double bottles and did most of it on the 550.  Then I did a Cynthia Kereluk routine found online which worked great on the 550 and stability ball:

It worked beautifully on the 550 to my own MUsic.
I had done her stuff before on other rebounders but before I had started adding my own MUsic. Note there is a link in My Favorite Links to one of the many youtube users who had uploaded her shows.

Then I changed my routine a bit and popped in a MUVE dvd.  As expected it worked great on the 550 and even sitting on a stability ball so I will be warming up and cooling down to MUVE for awhile.  They used to have alot of their routines on their site but now sell them as downloads or Videos on Demand.

Youtube still has a few.
MUVEmethod's Channel - YouTube

I left out something very different about this morning's workout ...
I worked out completely barefooted without the Futuro Arch Supports!

Dunkin Doughnuts Robbery

Our nephew was the customer mentioned in this article:
$5K Offered for Info on Armed Robbery of Kenilworth Dunkin’ Donuts - Westfield NJ News - The Alternative Press

He had a gun held to his head and on the way home from the police station the next day after filling out a report, he totaled his car and aggravated his back problems.  Please if anyone can identify this guy, do it!

What's frustrating is that this guy would be caught if the News bothered to share the information.  We only knew about it because our nephew was the mentioned customer and we noticed reward posters in another Dunkin Doughnuts about the incident.

Ironically, NBC interrupted our favorite TV show The Blacklist last night for breaking news about a gunman at the Garden State Plaza mall.   NBC just kept repeating the same clips over and over, trying to cover breaking news unsuccessfully while other stations continued to show their prime time TV shows.  It is now known the gun man didn't hurt anyone and took his own life.

Please help find the Kenilworth gun man!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Finishing 10/15 dvdr

Before I post my check-in, I must share this video!

Look below for the longer version on Vimeo

This morning I finished the 10/15 burned dvdr and realized even if I do a whole dvdr a week, I will never catch up since I burn one almost every week LOL
I really liked a Tonique Cardio which had good moves on the 550
Lurved Tony Horton's Plyocide to which I had added MUsic.
Then I did a bunch of online Zumbas and especially liked this one:

Finshed with some Barry Bootcamp on the bungee and ball then alittle Qigong on the beach

QIGONG YIN-YANG par Veronique ROLLAND by sutoteka

Tomorrow I start a new burned dvdr even though I have dozens of older ones undone.
Instead of doing a whole dvdr a week, I'll switch each day so the MUsic will feel newer because I tend to use the same *new* songs on each dvdr.

Here's the longer version of Bamercise:
Bamercise! from Rebecca Campbell on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Visiting a New DVDr

All of the workouts I did this morning were burned to a dvdr 2 weeks ago.

This morning I did the second Cardio Tactics routine from the Met-RX set to which I had added MUsic.  I found several moves I can now do on the Jumpsport 550F which I couldn't do without modifying on the 370 plus other moves which are so much better on the 550F.  New or improved moves included Rocking Horse, several versions of Fast Feet, and a neat big hop forward into a squat then 2 small bounces back.
I wanted to experiment doing some floor/mat moves on the 550F too. I found the 550F perfect for Happy Baby and Sidewinders from Jill Miller routines.  PX90 rollups work great on it too and the higher tension protected my legs from feeling the frame pressure.  I also put on shoes just to see how shoes felt on the 550F but think it is much more fun barefooted and the shoes were unnecessary. Shoes did help with stability on the 370.  I heard a noise while doing vigorous jumping jacks but just had to tighten a leg.

Then I did the Chaise Band routine which was tougher than it looked.
Finished with a Qigong routine with some new moves by Michele Stanten from Prevention.

ETA: from the same dvdr this morning Sunday 11/3
Started with Angie Gorr's Custom3Fit routines to which I had added MUsic.
All worked well on bungee and ball.
Finished with a powerful Qigong routine:


sparks done in the afternoon:

very good while sitting on ball in front of laptop

Club Energize 3 by clubenergize
very good while sitting on swivel chair in front of laptop

Friday, November 1, 2013

FootRubz and SportingDoc Shout Out

I had ordered a FootRubz Massage ball from an Amazon vendor named
SportingDoc @

Though the seller sent it immediately, the USPS stopped scanning it so I contacted SportingDoc who then immediately sent me another.  Well now I got two of them LOL
SportingDoc told me to keep both so I figured to give them a Shout Out for great customer service.

The ball was cheaper through them with free shipping than directly from Amazon.

Found my King of Rebounders

I have enjoyed bouncing on a mini trampoline or rebounder since my very first Walmart model about 13 to 14 years ago.  Since then I have had many spring and strap models.  I always was able to adapt my bouncing style to whichever model was my current flavor. However, once I tried a bungee model, the others paled quickly.  I had kissed alot of frogs to find my Prince of a rebounder.

Ironically, I got my first bungee the Jumpsport Fitness Trampoline 370 with a petal mat three years ago in October 2010 with a fantastic 50% off discount.  It was a new innovative rebounder with bungees, hitting the fitness convention circuit with a special 50% off promotion. This deal was very attractive compared to the only other bungee rebounders on the market by Bellicon which were quite expensive.
However, the first Jumpsport petal mat version had defective stitching.  My petal mat started to tear immediately as did its replacement and it was happening to just about every other petal mat customer.  Jumpsport realized it was a real defect and redesigned the petal mat.  While waiting for the newly designed petal mat to become available, they sent me a skirt mat.  I wound up preferring the skirt mat to even the new and improved petal mat because the petals were distracting to me since I watch myself in a mirror and sometimes noisy (and I love moving to music).  I was never comfortable bouncing on either the petals or skirt fringe barefooted though I could be more daring when wearing shoes so my movement was more vertical instead of horizontal.
Then the reports on the larger Bellicons were rolling in and were mostly positive so when Jumpsport released their larger 500 PRO line I was immediately interested.   Kept waiting for a discount but none were ever offered. Also kept waiting for a review but never really found any. In the meantime, I developed a terrible case of Plantar Fasciitis.  I could not bounce on the 370 barefooted for several months and realized I could never consider a Bellicon because of its squishy mat.
Once I could bungee barefooted again, the larger rebounder became attractive again.
I decided to stick with Jumpsport because of their previous wonderful customer service and product.  Also I didn't have to risk alot more $$ to see if the Bellicon with its highest tension cords would work OK with my PF.
The Jumpsport 570 PRO model with the petal mat cost quite a bit more so it was a simple decision for me to get their 550F PRO with the skirt mat.  Never expected the tension on its lowest setting would be so good for my feet! Plus I love feeling more stable and balanced with more overhead room since I workout in the basement with a low ceiling.  Being able to do Athletic cardio barefooted again is a real blessing for me and makes me feel 10 years younger.
Each person is different and has different workout preferences.
For me, the 550F is my King of rebounders.

Well I just finished my first real workout with my King of rebounders.  I cannot imagine any rebounder being better for my preferences than the 550F.  So glad I decided not to stay a princess and marry higher LOL
Now when I revisit the Prince, I am quickly reminded how much I prefer the King.

Long Live the King :)

ETA 9/16/2014
My 550 PRO still has a firm bounce in the center of its mat after almost one year of use.  It has been reported that a brand new 49 inch Bellicon had a soft center so do not order one if you have Plantar Fasciitis!