Tuesday, November 5, 2013

New DVDr and Focus

This morning I started a dvdr I burned yesterday (11/4).  First I did Jessica's 10 Minute Cardio Quickie which froze at a particular spot even after cleaning the dvdr and player but I was able to fast forward over the spot.  I checked my video file and it is fine so it was probably the player having a reading glitch. Then I did a couple of her other newer lower body routines.  I had added MUsic to all of the above and removed all floor segments.  Then I jumped to the Bamercise to which I had added MUsic and had a blast.  I used a Zumba stick for the single bottle and Fitstix for the double bottles and did most of it on the 550.  Then I did a Cynthia Kereluk routine found online which worked great on the 550 and stability ball:

It worked beautifully on the 550 to my own MUsic.
I had done her stuff before on other rebounders but before I had started adding my own MUsic. Note there is a link in My Favorite Links to one of the many youtube users who had uploaded her shows.

Then I changed my routine a bit and popped in a MUVE dvd.  As expected it worked great on the 550 and even sitting on a stability ball so I will be warming up and cooling down to MUVE for awhile.  They used to have alot of their routines on their site but now sell them as downloads or Videos on Demand.

Youtube still has a few.
MUVEmethod's Channel - YouTube

I left out something very different about this morning's workout ...
I worked out completely barefooted without the Futuro Arch Supports!

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