Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bunch of short routines

This morning I did a bunch of short routines.

This worked great with the MUsic I added as a warmup on the bungee:

After this I did the rest of of Debbie Rocker's Quick Weightloss Walk with MUsic added.
Next a bunch of XCO and Body Shake routines using a purple Zumba stick when a single BodyShake weight routine and Fitstix when a double weighted XCO routine.  Then I did a few Zumba dance and toning routines.

Finished with some Billy Blanks, Jr. Cardioke but while sitting on a stability ball.

I tried to find some of the other routines I did this morning on youtube but was unsuccessful.  I had recorded most to a VideoCD quite awhile ago.

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