Tuesday, November 19, 2013

All MUsic Added Fun

This morning I started with Jessicasmithtv Quick Cardio Fatburn:

It had good moves for the 550 and the music I added really made it fun.

Then I did most of Chris Freytag's Exercise TV Walking Cardio Shape-up:

This too had good moves on the 550 plus my purple Zumba sticks and even bounce-sitting on a stability ball, especially with the MUsic I had added.

Finished with a nice back stretch using a dowel from Roberta Bergman's Back Shape-up series  to which I had added MUsic as well.

ETA Weds 11/20:
This morning I did the rest of the Chris Freytag Walking Cardio Shape-up as a mini-workout before heading out for the first day of Grand Jury duty.  Again the cardio was great on the 550.  Since my feet feel better, I will resume health bouncing on the 370 after standing on my glider for a gravel-like walk whenever I can throughout the day.
ETA: Make that the first and last day of Grand Jury Service!
I was dismissed or whatever it is called.

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