Thursday, September 30, 2010


This morning I did the beginner's chapter of the old Bollywood workout using Fitstix then some TaeBo Adv Live 3 with Fitstix at first then switched to the Shadow Boxer belt. Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This morning I did a few songs from Sweatin to the Oldies5 and then a few rounds of Aerobarre, both with Fitstix then totally pooped before even doing any Classical Stretch. Hope to do it later as a spark.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday through Tuesday

Did plenty of walking and can now concentrate on some home workouts for a few days starting tomorrow :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


This morning I did the second cardio chapter from Bellyfit Earth then Leslie's 4th mile with bands using the pair that came with Richard Simmons' QVC set. (took a short break while our handyman neighbor measured for new den and kitchen windows) Then did a couple of songs from Sweatin to the Oldies 5 holding Fitstix and finished with Classical Stretch.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tues through Thurs and Friday

I walked plenty this last trip Tues through Thurs cuz weather was perfect.

This morning I did the warmup and first cardio chapter of Bellyfit Earth then most of Tonin to the Oldies with the bands then some of Sweatin to the Oldies 5 with Fitstix and alittle UR then a Classical Stretch.  BellyFit Earth reminded me alot of a very old and neglected workout Bollyrobics which I will try to revisit soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010


This morning I did the rest of Powerfit Harmony and some Classical Stretch.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


This morning I did some of disks 5, 6, and 7 from Powerfit Harmony.  I really like the standing Core and the Lower Body Blast so decided to keep the set, even though I'll be skipping most of the cardio and floor stuff.  Did the cardio and warmups with Fitstix.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

I  downloaded Skype this morning after a visit from Greg yesterday who will next be in London probably permanently as of mid October with a short trip back to NYC every few months or so. We can talk through the puters for free with Skype.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Pretty much the same as yesterday:
the rest of Sweatin to the Oldies 5 with Fitstix
the rest of Tonin to the Oldies with the bands
Powerfit Harmony standing parts of dvds 3 and 4
and some Classical Stretch

Think I actually like the Tonin dvd more the the Sweatin dvd!

Probably because it has a different feel using the bands.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Monday through Thurs and Friday

Walked plenty this past Tues through Thurs cuz weather and my joints were agreeable.

My QVC orders arrived late yesterday afternoon so I am going to be trying to do some of each dvd as soon as possible to make sure all seem compatible with my dvd player in case I need a replacement dvd.  This morning I started with Richard Simmons Sweatin to the Oldies5 while holding Fitstix.  I liked alot of the *new* moves but was a bit disappointed in the routine of the song I was most anticipating on that dvd (Ain't Too Proud to Beg) cuz wasn't feeling the moves so will freestyle more during that one in the future.  Then I did the first circuit from Tonin to the Oldies, leaving *Lion Sleeps Tonight* for a spark.  I really like the bands that came with the set which go on the feet before the shoes.  They don't offer alot of resistance as far as muscle building but just enough to boost intensity with AWT.  Then I did some of the first two dvds from Powerfit Harmony.  Will use Fitstix with the first cardio dvd and warmups of both next time.  Really liked the warmup on the second strength dvd.  I like these cardio and warmup routines because they are about as mindless as Leslie Sansone walking workouts and I want to use the least resistant pink band for awhile because my focus will be lower intensity and little to no weights for the next few months to keep my appetite down and to let my joints do movement longer with no extra stress.  Think these dvds will really work as sparks well too.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My old TaeBo blogs and articles

A wonderful VFer found my old blogs and articles I had written on a website archive that I thought I had lost forever when my previous puter died.  I will be adding pages to this blog with their content ASAP. :)

I also added the link to my old ROF website that was created for Parents of Gay Kids.

This is really a wonderful event for me rediscovering my old websites.

Here is a tidbit I found on my previously written articles:

"Fitness is not about looking good today but feeling good tomorrow.

It is also about having a tomorrow."


I was a very very bad girl yesterday.  Besides ordering Powerfit Harmony from QVC, I caved on their Richard Simmons clearance set with Sweatin to the Oldies 5 and Tonin to the Oldies using his 2 bands that connect to the feet separately, similar to my Billy Bootcamp  bands.  What did me in was the clip on The Lion Sleeps Tonight doing AWT with bands.  Music is definitely my biggest motivator to move and keep moving.

So in anticipation of my new stuff coming, I did his Party Off the Pounds with Fitstix, some on the UR with an upper body focus while healthbouncing then some of Tomei's Core&Curves for alittle sneaky lower body effect then a Classical Stretch.  The whole time when doing Party Off the Pounds, I was happy that I did cave cuz I love his music and can easily tweak his moves however I want for the Fitstix or UR or both.  These 2 workouts had been on my wishlist since released and this was about the cheapest way to get them.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


In anticipation of the great deal QVC was going to offer today for the Stephanie Hucklebee PowerFit Harmony set, I revisited Powerfit, using Fitstix for the bandless sections (warmups and cardio), skipping the bodyparts I didn't want to work today.  Still on the fence but figured if I am lucky enough to get a set that is completely compatible with my dvd player, it is worth a shot cuz I can easily return the set if dissatisfied.  It may motivate me to do one a day as a spark.

Finished with a Classical Stretch and may do spark later even though I did move for 90 minutes already.  Probably one of the Hucklebee's off Exercise TV.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday & Fall's workout Focus

I actually stopped taking a full 20 minute break during a workout session awhile ago because I saw no real plateau changes so lost interest.  The focus of using a 20 minute break to extend a workout session coincided with the start of this blog.  With cooler temps,  I have decided it was time to go back to a lower intensity and longer duration workout session which was kinder to my joints and helped to temporarily break through my plateau when tried in the past.  I've changed my workout focus as of yesterday to tweaking all workouts to a lower intensity and trying to do 90 minutes a day minimum.  90 minutes of movement seems to be the key for me for weightloss and I can only do 90 minutes at lower intensities to avoid overtraining.  If I don't get 90 minutes done in the morning, I will do a spark to complete the 90 minutes.  The main differences between this time and the last time I tried this approach is that I will not be wearing a heartrate monitor and will modify higher intensity workouts downwards by going halftime and/or doing less reps so I can do any of my workouts and not ignore the ones that are higher in intensity.  My perceived exertion always seemed to coincide with the heartrate monitor and I want to concentrate on my movements or movement modifications rather than the monitor.

Yesterday I did a 20 minute spark using Exercise TV's kettlebell workout with Jillian.  Couldn't believe her horrible form on Turkish Getups and lack of cuing but hey, it's Jillian.  I don't do full Turkish getups anyways.

This morning I did Debra Mazda's Let's Get Moving with Fitstix,  some of it on the UR then Rock It Out Hardcore Abs and finished with a Classical Stretch.  Instead of pooping after 20 to 30 minutes as I had been experiencing at higher intensities, I am finding I can do these 50 minute or more workouts within one workout session by pacing myself.

May or not not do a spark later because I did get the full 90 minutes done this morning.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This morning I did Donna Richardson's Brazilian Dance with Fitstix (great combo!) and some of it on the UR. Then I did some Classical Stretch.  I am really going to make an effort to spark at least once a day but will probably wind up sitting instead.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday through Weds

Did more walking than last trip cuz my knee behaved :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


This morning I finally got around to revisiting Madeline Lewis Get Moving but this time with with Fitstix which was a great combination.  I also used the UR a bit for the prances and substituted a high knee run instead of a pumping high knee walk.  Finished with a Classical Stretch.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This morning I did Winsor Pilates Fatburning workout with Fitstix then the standing Pilates ring bonus and finished with a Classical Stretch.

My  leg didn't send out even one twinge today!

Friday, September 3, 2010


This morning I did most of Aerobarre but avoided all of the reps and speed, babying my left leg which handled it fine.  It is a great workout for Fitstix!!!  Some of the bouncier stuff I did on the UR and YF.  Then finished with a Classical Stretch.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sunday through Thursday

We had an extended trip to AC this week to celebrate DH's 60th birthday.

Unfortunately, Tuesday my left leg/knee started hurting in a very weird way so I didn't walk as much.  Good news is each day, it is rapidly feeling better so I think I can workout tomorrow morning and plan to try Aerobarre.