Sunday, September 29, 2013

Refit Roar

This morning I warmed up with this routine by Refit Dance Fitness to Katy Perry's Roar:

It worked really well on the bungee for me!

Then I did the second half of Sister Fitness Retro using the bungee and Fitstix then the puzzle mats and then the stability ball.  Again, great music and some uniquely tweaked moves. Next I did a few short Nia clips and finished with a Classical Stretch from Season9.
My spark yesterday was an outdoor walk followed by a Classical Stretch from Season9.  When trying to coordinate the LocateTV and FIOS schedule with my burned dvdr, I am starting to think the missing episodes from Season9 may remain missing from my PBS broadcasts.

Monday 9/30

Yesterday's spark was another outdoor walk followed by a Classical Stretch.
This morning I did a couple of Denise Austin miles on the bungee, puzzle mats and ball then the upright segment from her Pilates band routine and finished with an Essentric abs routine.
I had added MUsic to all of the routines mentioned above.
There are alot of Denise Austin routines online!
(and her voice bothers me LOL)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sister Fitness Retro Routine

This video is no longer available on Vimeo.

No exaggeration.
This may have been one of the best routines online and would have made an excellent workout dvd.
I did the first 30 minutes of this routine this morning (Saturday 9/28)
and lurved it.  Great music and great moves and easy to tweak.
Each song has its own combination of moves.
The moves for each song are done enough to enjoy them without getting too repetitive.
Did the first 15 minutes on the bungee then the standing abs and kickboxing on the puzzle mats then from 23 minutes on the stability ball and last but nor least, the upper body with Fitstix.
I'll try to start at the 30 minute mark another day soon.
The second part of my workout session this morning were Nia clips.

I was very upset because I couldn't find my Classical Stretch videos for Season 9 but the stuff this morning was so much better, I am not going to bother recording them again.  Probably would never do them anyways and have plenty of CS from previous seasons which I may never do again either LOL

ETA: Of course after totally giving up, I found the dvdr I burned of Classical Stretch Season 9!

ETA: I love the Sister Fitness style so much that I have subscribed to their VIP membership

Monday, September 23, 2013

New Total Dance Fitness Vol.2 Online

I had a fabulous workout this morning!
All routines this morning had MUsic added or audio replaced.
All had a great combination of moves, equipment, and MUsic which kept me MUving.

First I bounced on the bungee with a Denise Austin Shape and Shed routine.
Then I did the standing chapter of Jackie Warner's Crunch Free Xtreme Abs with my purple Zumba Sticks.
Then I did Gilad's Dynamic Moves while sitting on a stability ball.
Finished with freestyling on the stability ball to some of a chair routine from the German youtube channel.

Unfortunately, I cannot share any of the edited videos I did this morning publicly because of copyrights :(
The routines by Denise, Jackie, and Gilad with their original soundtracks are online if you want to *google* any.

As much as I love Denise Austin's routines, I cannot tolerate her voice for long so replacing her audio has made a fantastic difference for me.  Some of her dvds do have a music louder option.

Total Dance Fitness volume 2 is now available!
workout begins at about the 1:46 mark

Tuesday 9/24
This morning I did some of Anni Mairs Fierce Force to which I had added MUsic and the rest of the German chair routine.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Jessica Day!

This morning I did the new jessicasmithtv Latin Spicy Walk she had uploaded yesterday on youtube.  However, I just had to replace the audio with MUsic which were instrumentals for walking.
Here's a sample:

Then I did her One Sided Strength routine to which I had added new MUsic I cannot share because of copyrighted material.
Thoroughly enjoyed both and the best part was my feet have been much happier since I switched to short walks with the Walkfit Platinum inserts.    I learned the hard way not to wear them for long walks when my feet aren't used to them.  The inserts put my weight onto a supported arch instead of on the heel which makes walking painless for me.

Today'a after walk QiGong spark:
This youtube user has a nice group of videos showing the Qigong14 movements.
There are 3 to 4 movements in each clip

Here are the 12 to 14 movements missing from the channel:

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Starting a New Week

This morning I revisited a dvdr with routines by  Steve Maresca from Exercise TV to which I had added MUsic. Then I tried a few Body Balance Tai Chi Warm-ups.  The combination left me energized and relaxed.

Since I enjoyed Steve's routine so much, I may upload it to Daily Motion.  Seems like most Exercise TV routines have been uploaded to youtube with no copyright conflicts and the music I used was from an exercise cd, not the original tunes, so should be ok to share.

I liked the Body Balance stuff so much that I will be keeping them on my laptop to use in my bedroom as sparks since they are small files.

Here's the Steve Make Me Over routine on Daily Motion:

I just did this very nice QiGong routine after going for a short walk spark after lunch:

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Daily check in and New Nia Class Online

new Nia online class!
Awareness of Fingers, Hands, & Wrists Sensing Meaning Routine on Vimeo

Weds 9/11:
This morning I did the new jessicasmithtv Cardio Ball Blast routine to which I had added MUsic and really liked it!
The original can be found at
I had uploaded some of my version on
and have uploaded the whole routine to my POMBarb channel on Daily Motion:

Then I did some of her Cardio Pilates but just the upright moves:

Finished with the Tai Chi warmup from LesMilles Body Balance 61.

Thurs 9/12:
This morning I did  youtube routines by Dakidissa and Sharon Graham to which I had added MUsic on the bungee, stability ball and floor with Fitstix then some standing abs holding a purple Zumba stick instead of a medball.

Friday 9/13:
Today was Jessica's Metabolic Conditioning and On the Ball Core Stretch with added MUsic.

Saturday 9/14
This morning I did athletic cardio by the youtube Hollywood Trainer on the bungee and PiYo byTraci Schultz to which I had added MUsic.  Also did some of Steve's Make Me Over from ExerciseTV with added MUsic while sitting on a stability ball and holding a purple Zumba stick.  Finished with the Tai Chi warmup from Body Balance 27.

Sunday 9/15
This morning I did jessicasmithtv Power Walk with added MUsic first on the bungee then on puzzle mats with Fitstix.  My feet like the feel of the different designs on the puzzle mats found at the toy section at Walmart awhile ago so may be doing most barefoot cardio on them.   Then I did the one-sided strength from jessicasmithtv, some on the stability ball and some standing on the puzzle mats.  I didn't like the music and cuing so I removed the audio and replaced it for next time.  Unfortunately the MUsic I used is copyrighted so not sharing.

Monday 9/16
This morning I revisited some of Anni Mairs Fierce Force.  I may edit this workout to make all of the moves I like just one set.  Then I did the first half of Nia Awareness of Fingers, Hand and Wrists.  I really liked a few of the moves especially from the 15 minute to 20 minute mark.

Tuesday 9/17
This morning I did the jessicasmithtv Cardio Ball Blast with different MUsic and enjoyed it on the bungee, puzzle mats and stability ball with a chiball then a purple Zumba stick.  Then I did her Strong Stretch and the more recent Stretch and Relax. Also did the Healthy Qigong free download.

Weds 9/18
This morning I did some of circuits 3 and 4 from Fierce Force including the Warmup and Cooldown.  Really liked alot of the moves and the Cooldown. Skipped the mat part of Circuit 3.  Decided to edit Fierce Force, leaving out the moves I prefer to skip.
Then I did the Nia Awareness of Fingers, Hands and Wrists from the 30 minute mark till the floor started about the 45 minute mark.  The 15 minutes I did were very good!!!  Next Time will try it from the 15 minute mark to the 45 minute mark which will cover my favorite moves.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some New Online Finds
Mo Diakité Zumba fitness class from JLGsoft on Vimeo.

UpWave on youtube:
upwave - YouTube

Also you can get a free Qigong download at

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Siebers Podcast

This morning I did some BBX Hardcore to which I had added MUsic and trimmed out the plank stuff.  I like the standing core moves but each combo is done for 5 minutes so gets a bit repetitious.  Some moves were alittle one-sided as well.  I may re-edit doing each combo for 2 minutes since the finale with all combos clocks in at 2 minutes.  Many moves worked well sitting on a stability ball.
Next I did some of a Les Milles Body Balance Tai Chi warmup and then alittle of Michelle Dozois Bodyfit360.  Finished with some of Debbie Siebers towel AWT using a band instead of a towel to which I had added MUsic.  It was offered for free as a Beachbody podcast stream.
Here it is on youtube

ETA on Thurs 9/5: This morning's jessicasmithtv routines with MUsic added were her Disco Walk and the rest of Ballet Burn.

ETA on Friday 9/6:  I did Steve's Rock Hard Cardio from Exercise TV to which I had added MUsic using a purple Zumba stick instead of a medball on the bungee and stability ball then the Bellyfit Element samples on youtube then some youtube Body Balance routines.

ETA on Saturday 9/7:
Today being a jessicasmithtv day, I did her Power Walk to which I had added instrumentals and kept the cuing but found I like the another version of added MUsic without cuing more.  Anywho did 15 minutes on the bungee then 15 minutes on the stability ball and added Fitstix for the last 8 minutes or so.  Then I did some of her Floor Barre and some of her Relax and Restore, both of which had added MUsic.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


This morning I stuck with Jessica because I just didn't know what I wanted to do and she really kept me MUving.  I did her Kick Butt Kickboxing routine to which I added MUsic then half of her Ballet Burn to which I had added MUsic.  Enjoyed her moves with minimal tweaking on the bungee, ball, and with Fitstix.

So I decided since I have so many Jessica Smith routines to alternate days.  One day I'll do a dvdr of her stuff and the other day a dvdr with routines by other trainers.  By switching around the dvdrs, I should have some new MUsic each day. Now and then I'll toss in a day of real dvds or vhs LOL

On a personal level, I had an epiphany that both of our sons have Asperger's Syndrome.  My deceased father-in-law was obviously Asperger's. OK my husband has some characteristics as well.  I do not know what I can do differently to make life more fulfilling for either son except take care of myself so I can at least keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies.  MUving is my salvation when at home and my AC trips will give me some *ME* time away from them and make them more independent as well.

We can only be as happy as our least happy child but I do know quite a few childless adults who aren't exactly swimming in an ocean of happiness too.  Guess I should settle for reasonably good health.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Downloading a Video

There are several options of how to download and save a video.
Most work well downloading from youtube but downloading from other sites can be trickier.
Sometimes many methods stop working well because of a bug but eventually most bugs get fixed.

Your best choice will depend on which operating system and browser you use.

Whichever method I use, I choose to download in MP4 whenever given a format choice because it is compatible with most video players and software.

I will discuss a few of my favorite free download options below.

This may be the easiest way to download a video.
You can use a downloading site like
but be careful not to click on any advertisements.
Just copy the url of the video you want to download and paste it in the dialog box
click *Download* in the yellow box to the right
or more recently the blue box with an arrow or just the
to the right of the dialog box
and click on your preferred format.
If a pop up appears trying to trick you into downloading something else, ignore it and get an adblock on your browser.

added 2/10/2015:
Just found another easy way to download from WellVideo with the
Chrome Video Downloader Professional Extension!
It downloads from WellVideo and other sites faster and easier than any other method.  When renaming the file, make sure to put a period (dot) before the MP4 so it is easier to open with VLC or WMP.  The name of the file should end with (dot).mp4
It does not work on youtube but otherwise it is amazing.
I am finding this to be my favorite way of downloading since I use Chrome more often than Firefox and have plenty of other options like Freemake products for youtube.

added 0/22/2015:
For Firefox, try the NetVideoHunter add-on!
Also Download Helper can now make a mp4 file from a stream!

If you have a Windows Operating system, my two favorite downloading softwares are Freemake Video Converter and Freemake Video Downloader.  Both can be downloaded from
but carefully to avoid getting additional unwanted software.  Be sure to choose custom options and uncheck boxes for extra software like a toolbar, home page, etc. when downloading and installing.
I only accept the desktop icon.

Freemake Video Converter (gold) does everything from downloading to ripping a dvd,  editing videos, converting videos, and even burning burning videos to a dvdr. However, it didn't work with as many video sites for downloading as Freemake Video Downloader (blue).
ETA: the newest version of Freemake Video Converter now works with DailyMotion!

Freemake Video Downloader (blue) is a fast and simple way to download from most video sites. However, be cautious because sometimes you have to clear your cache in between downloading two different files because it may duplicate the first file.

Both Freemake products can extract just the audio into MP3 files too if you just want the tunes but I prefer to use Freemake Video Converter (gold) to get the tunes into a compatible MP3 format for another program I use to adjust the volume of the tunes called MP3Gain.
There are many other blog links about Freemake products in my Favorite Links to the right.
For more info, see

If you think you downloaded anything by mistake when downloading a program,
download the free version of Malwarebytes from
and do a scan and remove potential malware objects safely

Whether streaming or downloading try these tips to speed up the process:
Clean your browser cache regularly
Refresh/reload your browser tab
Open just one browser tab at a time
Dedicate all of your resources to the task.
get Adblock for Chrome
 (AdBlock Plus for Firefox)
get the malwarebytes free version

Here's a website with some extra suggestions for MAC users:
6 Different Ways to Download Videos from YouTube to your Mac

If a file is only available in flv and you cannot play flv on your device and do not want to convert the video file format, consider downloading the VLC player for your device

A New Month

Since the previous posts already had alot of embedded videos, I decided to start a new daily checkin post for yesterday and today.

Sunday 9/1
This morning I started with a nice routine by mojo fitness

then did this routine to which I had added MUsic just to remove the cuing

Then I did Denise Austin's band AWT  to which I added MUsic

Life will be rather stressful the next few months.
MUving will be my salvation.
After feeling very out-of-sorts last night, I feel normal again after workingout, even though one of the songs in my routines this morning was one our older son refuses to ever hear.  I, honestly, didn't intend to play that song but just do not know which songs are on which workouts and I didn't want to stop the workout or the MUsic.   Hopefully, he didn't hear it.   Then again, it is my house LOL

Monday 9/2
This morning I did a bunch of standing and sitting (on a ball instead of a chair) Zumba routines by Paul Schneider whose routines are fun and easy to follow with decent MUsic:

Then I did the new Ballet Body on jessicasmithtv to which I had added MUsic.  Jessica's Ballet Body was uploaded to jessicasmithtv on Saturday and I had a dvdr ready to burn waiting for it with lots of other downloads and edited videos.
Then I saw AFTER I had burned the dvdr that Jessica uploaded another new routine holding a playground ball!  I love these kind of routines but will wait till my version with MUsic gets burned to dvdr to try it.  I actually did 2 different soundtracks for it.  One with mostly amazon free music and another with songs which may have copyright issues. I'll probably use my purple Zumba stick instead of a ball for many moves.
Here's some of it with free Amazon MUsic: