Monday, September 23, 2013

New Total Dance Fitness Vol.2 Online

I had a fabulous workout this morning!
All routines this morning had MUsic added or audio replaced.
All had a great combination of moves, equipment, and MUsic which kept me MUving.

First I bounced on the bungee with a Denise Austin Shape and Shed routine.
Then I did the standing chapter of Jackie Warner's Crunch Free Xtreme Abs with my purple Zumba Sticks.
Then I did Gilad's Dynamic Moves while sitting on a stability ball.
Finished with freestyling on the stability ball to some of a chair routine from the German youtube channel.

Unfortunately, I cannot share any of the edited videos I did this morning publicly because of copyrights :(
The routines by Denise, Jackie, and Gilad with their original soundtracks are online if you want to *google* any.

As much as I love Denise Austin's routines, I cannot tolerate her voice for long so replacing her audio has made a fantastic difference for me.  Some of her dvds do have a music louder option.

Total Dance Fitness volume 2 is now available!
workout begins at about the 1:46 mark

Tuesday 9/24
This morning I did some of Anni Mairs Fierce Force to which I had added MUsic and the rest of the German chair routine.

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