Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Jessica Day!

This morning I did the new jessicasmithtv Latin Spicy Walk she had uploaded yesterday on youtube.  However, I just had to replace the audio with MUsic which were instrumentals for walking.
Here's a sample:

Then I did her One Sided Strength routine to which I had added new MUsic I cannot share because of copyrighted material.
Thoroughly enjoyed both and the best part was my feet have been much happier since I switched to short walks with the Walkfit Platinum inserts.    I learned the hard way not to wear them for long walks when my feet aren't used to them.  The inserts put my weight onto a supported arch instead of on the heel which makes walking painless for me.

Today'a after walk QiGong spark:
This youtube user has a nice group of videos showing the Qigong14 movements.
There are 3 to 4 movements in each clip

Here are the 12 to 14 movements missing from the channel:

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