Friday, December 31, 2010


I warmed up with some Anna/Ravi then did the first mile of the Biggest Loser Power Walk while holding Fitstix, on and off the bungee. Really liked it! Hope I like some of the other 3 miles. Then I did the Caribbean workout's Dance Stretch, some Qigong for Healing and finished with Classical Stretch. I woke up feeling very achy but feel much better now :)

ETA: just did a spark using the Biggest Loser Power Walk mile 2. Really liked Fioni. Wish he had inserted more of his dance moves :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Another great workout combination :)

I revisited some Caribbean workouts and did some of their rebounding then their chiball workout and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I did some Qigong for healing and finished with Classical Stretch. Even though most of the above sounds gentle, I felt them with my previous DOMS.

yesterday I had 3 sparks: split the Exercise TV Jane Fonda workout into 2 and did some snow removal.

ETA: just did a really fun spark: a cardio segment from a Ravi/Anna yoga dvd which had great music, some fun moves and very bungee friendly

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 was a good year!

OK my weight is still plateaued but my fitness is much improved as I reach the end of 2010.

I have 3 results that are making me extremely happy:

just did alittle snow shoveling and for the first time in 3 years, not a twinge in either elbow (thank you Fitstix!).

have been revisiting ignored favorites lately and finding my cardio endurance much better than when I first tried them. No breathlessness and no need to pause.

Lastly, since using Walkfit Platinum inserts I can walk and walk and walk without any joint, foot, or back pain.

Never thought I would see such healing and cardio improvement at the age of 61.

Mindful exercise is definitely a fountain of youth for me.

Happy New Year Everyone :)

ETA: another element in all of these improvements may be a result of the bungee rebounder. Probably managing joint pain enabled the increase in cardio endurance and who knows, this may all eventually enable a weightloss.


This morning I warmed up with Cardiopilates on the bungee then did half of the Bodymix Basic Aero-chi workout. One of the best advantages of being a vidiot (person who collects workout videos) for over 10 years is that I got to collect alot of rare workouts, many that are out of print and some, such as Aero-chi released before their time. If released today, many would be big hits. Then I did the standing portion of Keeping Fit Pilates which worked the upper body and core with a band and finished with another new-to-me Classical Stretch even though the outfit and scenery were familiar, the routine was not.

ETA: also wanted to note that I am finding my cardio endurance better now at the age of 61 than it was when I was first trying these older workouts!!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with 10 minutes of Resistance Bound then did the rest of Nia's Unplugged and the rest of the upright segment of Yodates and finished with some Classical Stretch.

Monday, December 27, 2010


Yikes we got pounded with snow and it is way too windy and cold to start trying to dig out. Don't think dh will even try to get any groceries till Weds or even Thurs so I canceled our next AC reservations. Besides, AC got pounded too so their uncovered parking lots which we prefer to multi level garages will be shut down.

During this morning's workout, I revisited a couple of my favorite workouts cuz the thought of being shut in indefinitely was creating some anxiety. I did the first half of Nia's Unplugged which felt completely new to me cuz I try not to revisit it too often fearing burnout. LURVED it :) Then I did the first 18 minutes of Yodates after reviewing the tips and was so busy trying to focus on form that it had no fun factor for me and in spite of focusing on form, my hips and knees were not happy with it. Think I am better off doing it my own way and not trying to follow the instructor's techniques. Then I did some of Anita's Strength and Grace using homemade XCO trainers and finished with a wonderful Classical Stretch which seemed totally unfamiliar to me. I think I taped this season for a friend who later returned the tape to me and I never did it, thinking it was one I already did!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday and a real workout high

Every once in awhile, I have a workout that makes me feel like I am on the top of the world and this morning's workout was just such a workout :) I started with the warmup and first two cardio songs from Keeping Fit Cardio. That first cardio song is now officially my favorite song and workout routine. I just love it and it so energized me that the energy continued throughout the rest of the workout on a gloomy looking morning with blizzard-like conditions being forecasted. I did the warmup on the bungee then the cardio songs with Fitstix.

Then I did the 3rd level of Greggains' Holiday workout, the intense cardio on the bungee and the weights with Fitstix and the transitional on the floor without Fitstix and liked this routine so much more than when doing it while still energized. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow LOL

Then I finished the cardio and bonus chapters of Martial Fusion Rockin Body but skipped the yoga and did a nice Classical Stretch. I am really enjoying these 2005 recorded Classical Stretches which may have come from her second season but not sure.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thurs-Saturday Merry Christmas

I walked over 10,000 paces on Thursday and Friday and 6,000 today.

Just did a spark with the second 20 minutes of Martial Fusion Rockin Body, first 10 on the bungee and rest on the floor with Fitstix. It was easy to follow without much thinking so good for moderate intensity steady state cardio with no impact or high intensity intervals. I would describe it as a kickboxing version of a walking workout and would probably skip the first 10 minutes of the cardio in the future to avoid the repetition of the first couple of blocks. Or maybe use the Shadowboxer belt for the first couple of blocks.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


This morning I warmed up with some youtube downloads called Body Blitz which were a nice change. The instructor likes to toss in some extra hip wiggling and the music was Reggae. Then I did the rest of Keeping fit Pilates (still not a mat fan but did most of the routine anyways). Then I wanted more cardio so did the first two intensities of Greggains' Holiday workout on the bungee with Fitstix. Finished with a wonderful Classical Stretch I had taped in 2005. Its second song sounded like one from the musical *Once on this Island*. What is odd about these tapings is they have workouts done both in FL and Jamaica.

ETA: I received my Huff and Buff giveaway dvd: Martial Fusion Rockin Body. So I decided to try some in a spark. It has a pumping soundtrack but the moves are repetitive. I did do 20 minutes and sweated without feeling like I worked hard. Will have to struggle with the dvd player next time getting to the cardio halfway point where I left off cuz the chaptering wasn't quite as detailed as it could have been. It was bungee and Fitstix friendly and I can just do my own thing when the repetition gets to me. May also try it with my Shadowboxer belt. There is a bonus chapter without music which I may try and a floor stretch which isn't my preferred way to stretch so will probably skip.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This morning I warmed up on the bungee with Marina Kamen's youtube high energy workout. Yesterday I did her rebounding dance workout as a spark. Then I did the rest of Keeping Fit Strength as well as alittle of its 2 bonus workouts, using XCOs but using a band instead of dumb bells or XCOs for some strength moves in Petra's Step by Step then some Michael Carson's Get Sexy with a heavier XCO and finished with Classical Stretch. Still have intense butt DOMS!

Monday, December 20, 2010


This morning I started with the rest of Keeping Fit Cardio on the bungee with Fitstix then did some of its 2 bonus workouts (Cardio for Beginners and Cardiok Kicks). Then I did alittle more bungee bouncing with Maria Kamen's youtube clips, a couple of chapters of Keeping Fit Strength with XCOs but using my butt as little as possible cuz of intense DOMS. Finished with Classical Stretch. There were some moves I will definitely revisit to try when my butt DOMS weaken.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I did some of Keeping Fit Cardio, Strength and Pilates and finished with some Classical Stretch.

The cardio was ok but the songs didn't click as strong for me as the first cardio song.

The Strength felt like cardio to me and just worked the lower body more intensely with mostly compound moves that were XCO trainer friendly. Music was pretty good too.

The Pilates started with the same wonderful standing upper body and core band routine that was on the free download and the plies even felt aerobic. Some of the mat was ok, especially the moves that worked the lower abs and some not so ok (too many curl ups which I will not do) but the music kept me going LOL

Overall, the instructor gives some great tips to help get the most out of the routines safely.

Am expecting major DOMS tomorrow and hope to finish off the rest of the cardio dvd as a spark later today (did 2 sparks yesterday from the cardio dvd) and get to the rest of the other two dvds when my expected DOMS fade.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


This morning I warmed up with some Smart Bounce on the bungee then did the second half of Keli Roberts' Knockout Shadowboxer Extreme and left the belt on for some cardio intervals from Ellen Barrett's Express Belly Blast which worked well together.  Then did some more of Ellen's cardio with Fitstix and then switched to a homemade XCO trainer for her strength segment and then some Michael Carson's Get Sexy with the XCO trainer.  Ended with some Classical Stretch.

Of course, I spent much of my workout session trying to locate some of these workouts.  (I really hate it when I lose alot of steam trying to find a workout which happens more often than it should)

ETA: This morning started out with lots of frustration but ended very well :)  I found the most elusive workout which had fallen behind my upright freezer and soon afterwards, the Keeping Fit order from Amazon arrived.  I had ordered it 2 weeks ago and it took over a week for it to be shipped and I was given an incomplete tracking number so was wondering if and when I would ever get it.  Just did the warmup and first cardio and lurve it!!!  It is simple to follow but much more interesting than most hilo and walking workouts with some unique moves and a decent soundtrack.  Think I may do a spark every couple of hours today :)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weds to Friday

Walked plenty and slipped alittle on unexpected ice and snow in AC LOL

Greg on TV!

Sundance has a show *Girls who like Boys who like Boys*
In ep 4, our son Greg is shown a few times during a speed dating scene about 10 minutes into the show and says
" I am looking for the future father of my children"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This morning I warmed up with some of Donna Richardson's original Sweatin in the Spirit on and off the bungee with Fitstix.  Then I did some of Barre3 from Exercise TV but not all of the reps cuz want to be able to move tomorrow with minimal pain. Then I did the healthbounce part from Smart Bounce and finished with some Classical Stretch.

I got some news, both bad and good.  The good news is I broke through my plateau!  The bad news is that the change is in the wrong direction.  Yup in spite of walking alot and eating healthy and stopping before full, my weight and measurements are up.  Hopefully, it is just water retention.

ETA: The amazon vendor finally shipped the Keeping Fit set!  (only took an extra week than it should have)

Monday, December 13, 2010


This morning, I warmed up with some Billy Blanks, Jr. from Exercise TV then did the first 5 rounds of the Shadowboxer Extreme and left the belt on for the second Get Sexy's Arms which worked very well with the belt.  Then I did some Brazilian Butt Lift's Cardio Axe with Fitstix and finished with some Classical Stretch.

Again I am very impressed with the Shadowboxer workouts with Keli Roberts and the belt can definitely be used with other workouts.  It is a real steal on amazon at ~$15.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thurs - Sunday

Walked alot thanks to both the Walkfit Platinum inserts and Arnica gel.  Thanks to the inserts, I had absolutely no foot or joint pain with the excessive walking.  Then last night, I really banged my ankle hard against the bed frame in the hotel room but grabbed some Arnica gel as quickly as possible and the instant excruciating pain disappeared and never returned. 

Meanwhile, the dang amazon vendor never shipped the Keeping Fit 3 dvd set and Amazon hasn't charged my credit card yet.  I saw the same vendor list the set for $6 more so believe he has it in stock and don't know if he intends to fill my order or not.  Recent feedback indicates that this behavior was seen by another customer for another order.  His feedback rating has slipped dramatically the past week so guess he doesn't care about it anymore.  If he doesn't respond favorably to an email that amazon arranged for me to send, I will try to cancel the order through amazon and maybe try another vendor or just patiently wait for a trade through VF.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


First I did Greggains' Classical workout though I did the abs standing and just the first part of the mat legs on the bungee.  The warmup and aerobic numbers are really great but way too short so will use them as sparks and warmupsm hopefully more often.  Major difference in my energy this morning. The moves are bungee and Fitstix friendly and can be done fine without either too.

Then I did some Michael Carson's lower body from the second Get Sexy.  Definitely prefer the first Get Sexy cuz it uses a medball more.  May consider trading this dvd after doing the upper body one more time.

Then I did the Express workout from Kelli Roberts Knockout Shadowboxer set with the Shadowboxer belt.  Again very bungee friendly.  Forgot how great this set is! I noticed many of the moves seemed similar to those on the Core Transformer clips so am getting less interested in caving for the Core Transformer kit since I really like the Shadow Boxer belt alot.  Haven't done this set much since my elbows went bad, doing most kickboxing with Fitstix to let my elbows heal.  Now just about fully healed,  my elbows handled it very well.

Finished with Classical Stretch (really enjoying this old tape I dubbed from PBS during a season in Florida).

wow saw this set on sale at amazon for an amazing price

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


For a warmup, I moved stuff around in my basement so the wall with our circuit breakers would be clear for an electrician coming to check it out and do some upgrading.  The warmup took about 40 minutes LOL Then when I started to do Greggains' Classical Workout I felt hypoglycemic so decided to eat a light breakfast.  After breakfast, I did Greggains' Holiday workout, mostly on the bungee with Fitstix then some Qigong.  Also used our gizelle-like apparatus cuz trying to oil out its squeaks.  Well the squeaks are still there as well as the smell of the lubricating oil. :(

Monday, December 6, 2010


This morning, I finally revisited the Lucky Vanous with Kacey Duke workout.  Why did I wait so long??? and hope I revisit it much sooner next time.  Very bungee and Fitstix friendly cardio and the weights worked well with my homemade XCOs and the weighted segments seemed to continue to be aerobic with mostly stepping in place so really the whole workout can be considered AWT. The cardio definitely works the lower body too. Very good visual and audio quality even though vhs.  Can easily adjust the intensity and impact (bungee) to whatever my mood and focus are. As usual, I skipped the abs on the floor LOL

Then I did the Arms chapter from Michael Carson's second Get Sexy dvd and used a heavier XCO trainer (rocksalt and pennies in a fat plastic bottle)  instead of a medball.  It worked the core and upper body with a medball and bands.  Finished with Classical Stretch.

Yesterday's visit with son went very well.  In fact, he is considering crashing here during some of his future stateside visits in the future since his NYC apartment lease is ending this month.  He brought his laptop to make sure he could get an internet connection (we have FIOS)  so he could work from here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


One of those spontaneous bits and pieces of workouts done this morning.

First I warmed up with some Billy Blanks, Jr. from Exercise TV.  His newer stuff lacks the music and choreo of Cardioke.  Some of the moves are OK but his pleasant personality just cannot make up for what the newer stuff is lacking IMHO.  Then I did some Zumba from youtube on the bungee with Fitstix.  Next I did the second half of Burn&Firm on the airstepper which also used bands. Also did alittle more Cardio FX but stepped up and down my step when he was doing stationary upper body and used my Fitstix to work the same upper body muscle groups.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.  Not sure if I will get a spark in today or not cuz our son who currently spends most of his time working in London is visiting us.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


This morning I warmed up with the Acacia free clip of Keeping Fit Cardio and wish it were longer. It was very bungee and Fitstix friendly with decent music.  Then I did some of Ellen's Slim Sculpt with my homemade XCO trainers instead of dumb bells, some of Lee Holden's upper back/neck, and some Gin Miller's Stick.

ETA: after checking out some reviews and clips in addition to the ones Acacia offered for free, I caved and ordered the whole Keeping Fit with Andrea Metcalf  3 dvd set from an Amazon vendor.  Really liked the soundtrack, moves and instructor and may even try the mat stuff on the Pilates dvd which I usually skip.

ETA: I just did a 12 minute spark on the airstepper from Burn&Firm.

Friday, December 3, 2010


This morning I warmed up with an aerobic dance led by Margaret Richards and since she was wearing one pound gloves, I used my Fitstix :)  Then I did the first 20 minutes of Cardio FX using my homemade XCO trainers instead of dumb bells.  Next I did some of the Tai Chi in Flow Motion. Finished with some old Classical Stretch which sounded new thanks to my new stereo vcr :)  I used only vhs for this morning's workout session.

During parts I didn't want to do I healthbounced, jogged and jumproped on the bungee with Fitstix.

ETA: I just did a 30 minute spark using George Foreman's Express Walk holding Fitstix most of the time, some on the bungee.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This morning I revisited Bellyfit Earth a bit but it wasn't clicking for me so will try again another time. Then I did some downloaded clips and workouts including the clip of Core Transformer which I almost bought previously but am now hesitating cuz heard it was repetitive and can do the moves from the clip, some Zumba on the bungee while holding Fitstix and some Keeping Fit from Acacia's daily workouts that had routine cardio hilo and some good moves with a band.  Finished with some Classical Stretch.

ETA: Just did a Bellyfit Earth spark which clicked better so it was my lower energy level this morning that probably prevented me from getting into it.

ETA: I have since revisited the cardio from Keeping Fit and really liked it on the bungee with Fitstix, especially the soundtrack so caved and ordered the whole shebang.  Guess I really had low energy the morning I first tried the above!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Sunday through Tuesday I walked about 8 miles.

This morning I did the cardio chapter of Trudie Styler's Cardio Dance Flow, some on the bungee then 2 circuits from an old old old vhs Buns of Steel 10 with Leisha Hart which alternated step cardio and bands.  I used stacked floor mats instead of a step cuz was workingout barefooted and held Fitstix during the simple step cardio.  Finished with some of the foam roller stretch from Cardio Dance Flow.  May use either workout as a spark later, either the warmup and/or Express from Cardio Dance Flow or the 3rd circuit from Buns of Steel10