Tuesday, May 31, 2016


So this morning I bounced more with Lindsay Brin on the bungees but did not feel enthusiastic.  Then I did 2 Alchemy of Movement sparks with Lucy.  I kept just the songs I wanted to revisit and they were wonderful while sitting on a stability ball.  So now have to edit a few more of them.

I got a good laugh from the thought of the Trump campaign trying to get the Amish to vote for him.   The only thing that may help him with that vote is they have no media.
Trump cannot *act* presidential because the jerk we see is who he is.

two new offers start tomorrow:
sign up for a free challenge with Tracy Campoli


former tam trainer jj johnson new youtube channel with free workout starting  june 1. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Powerful Video

I have often tried to help someone change their attitude from being negative and depressed to positive, knowing that a pity party is not a good place to be or stay.  The longer I have allowed myself to wallow, the deeper the hole would get and the harder to reverse.  Whenever a person or an event affects me negatively,  I remind myself that the only thing I can control is my own attitude.  If I feel a pity party starting, I refocus.

My son told me about the video I am embedding here.
The message in this video is for everyone:

For me, pain can affect my mood and both the pain and my mood are greatly improved if I keep MUving.   I try to keep stress at a minimum and avoid people and events that are stressful.  My main focus is trying to be here and as healthy as I can be for my younger son, the son who found this video and shared it with me

Trump is Ruining America

I just watched a bit of the San Diego protest and it did not even look like it was in America.   This sociopath has created more negative feelings in this country than ever imagined and I lived through the Newark riots and Anti-Vietnam era.  He cares about nothing but himself, thriving on publicity.  Those who support him need to review his life, business deals, and personality traits and wake up. I know what it is like to be manipulated by a sociopath without a conscience so know many of his supporters are good people who have been manipulated as I had been.  They need to open their eyes, ears, and heart and think about the damage that this narcissist is doing to them and our country and the world.

He is a bully claiming he is counter-punching as an excuse for his behavior.  He is a domestic terrorist.  There is a civil war in this country now thanks to his hate rhetoric.

America was great but thanks to Trump may never be great again.

Trump will use hate to empower just as other politicians and religious leaders have since the beginning of the human race.

First they came for the Mexicans and I did not speak out because I was not Mexican.
Then they came for the Muslims and I did not speak out because I was not Muslim.
(need I go on?)
Sooner or later a group you consider yourself a part of will come under his attack and there will be nobody left to speak up for you.

Today's workout treat was an edit of Lindsay Brin's 30 Day Core Cardio Torch Blast.  The music I used was filled with angst and anger (cussing) so I got some of mine worked off.  LOL  
I did alot of Brin's routine while sitting on a large stability ball and holding a purple Zumba stick.  Also I did some of an edited Kettleworx which was pretty good as well as an edited youtube Bellicon vid.
I did try some more of a Shine class but the instructor again was confused and had horrible cuing mistakes and loud Whoos, counting, etc.   Why does she have to count loudly instead of letting her audience hear the music?????  Too bad because they do have good moves that work on the bungees with minimal tweaking.  I am back to considering another Alchemy subscription to check out one or two new instructors as well as new content  from Tori or Erin who hopefully have soft cuing and loud music.  However, I will revisit some Tori and Erin first.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fun Edited Files

This morning I enjoyed an edited file of an OOP VHS that was shared on youtube

from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-g3rY0pcIM

Kacy Duke leads the cardio and has been a favorite of mine.  I happen to have the OOP twin VHS and the dvd that includes the footage from both VHS.  One VHS is for the lower body and the other for the upper body.

Next I did an edit of Jillian Michael's one week shred (cardio) which was great with the MUsic I used.  The original segment was on youtube for free but the whole routine is available as a rental on Gaiam TV so I cannot share my file.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

WellVideo update

As far as Wellvideo:
Of course, I was willing to pay towards a new WellVideo site that will enable video file storing but there were too many malcontents who previously ruined file sharing.  History will repeat itself if people have not learned anything from previous lessons.

WellVideo no longer stores files.

An alternative is VK.com
if you do not have a mobile and want to join VK.com
you can use a number from this site:

Many sites are now requiring a mobile number for a sms to register but not everyone owns a mobile phone for the sms

If you register on VK.com, send me a message and friend me!

Friday, May 27, 2016


New KPDancebody tomorrow!
(I cannot record it live so hopefully the post class files will work)

If you are registered on WellVideo,
please consider voting *Yes* on the poll on the main page of WellVideo.net
and help us build a new and improved WellVideo website.
WellVideo used to have great potential for sharing videos and meeting other workout enthusiasts from all over the world.
Maybe starting over will work but probably not since a similar effort failed last year.
Only time will tell.

Right now I am more concerned about the US avoiding a similar failure and giving power to a toxic person.
Excellent article explaining why Trump cannot be POTUS.
If you listen to how he has been his whole life, he is a bully and grudge holder who cares little about anything else.  In plain words, a very toxic personality.

More Bouncing to MUsic

This morning I did an edited Be360 Weightloss routine which was great on both bungees.  It is so hard for me to choose which bungee I prefer:  the firmer round PROBounce or the softer Ibounce hexagon.   It is great having these two totally different bungees equally available during a workout for less than a single smaller Bellicon.

Then I did some of an edited Fit Mit Anna routine.
original on youtube

(getting ready for another hot humid day)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

New TA Streams with Code

New streams were added and are now available.
Go to tracyanderson.com/health to sign up
and enter the code HEALTH at checkout. 
This code will expire on 5/30/2016. 

This morning I did another Shine Dance Fitness Class but this one had the music go too soft about half way through so the *Whoo*ing and yelling really bothered me.  Plus the instructor seemed to forget what moves to do, let alone cue accurately.  I think I will be settling for the classes already acquired and will not be subscribing.  Also did an edit of the Bari Trampoline freebie on Facebook:
my edit:
and finished with a Barre routine that used a towel which is now private on vimeo.

Last evening our son's laptop screen went black and we could not revive it.   Through Yelp, I found a great repair shop just a mile from home and they replaced the LCD cable and cleaned it for just $60!  So another reason why we may never move to another home LOL

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Still Loving KP

This morning I did one of the periscope KP DanceBody cardio routines and loved it.  The moves are easy to tweak for bouncing and the music is great with little to no cuing.  No shrieking or Whooing.  I hope her streaming subscription from the website which may start in a few weeks is reasonably priced and easy to capture since I prefer to use dvd for bouncing.

Meanwhile I will be doing more Shine Dance Fitness for awhile.

(Reminder new weekly TA classes may be posted tomorrow and the free *HEALTH* code for 2 weeks expires 5/30)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Some Thoughts

This morning I tried another vimeo Latin Dance but did not like the audio at all.   Then I did a real old edit of Buns of Steel Greg Smithey Easy Aerobics which was pretty good but stuck on a damaged dvdr.   I had captured the routine from the original VHS and edited it but the original capture had some glitches.  My first VHS of this routine came from my local library and was already glitchy.  Then I traded for another copy which was also glitchy.   I guess I just cannot share this gem.  This routine had also been shared on youtube but disappeared.

Then I did the some of the same Shine Dance Fitness routine I had streamed through my laptop the other day but this time on a burned dvdr.  It burned darn good!

Monday, May 23, 2016

KPOP and Vimeo Latin Dance

Today I did a few KPOPX Fitness routines from youtube then a Latin Dance from vimeo so did not need to edit any audio.  All had good moves for bouncing and decent music.


Celeste Maher on vimeo

I think WellVideo will be here past their June deadline because some features are being added!

ETA: sign up for a free challenge

Sunday, May 22, 2016

SHINE Dance Fitness

I finally tried one of their streamed classes and loved it!  I actually did the class while streaming on my laptop in the den, starting on my JumpSport 370 PRO then switched to a stability ball then a swivel chair.
Unfortunately I cannot share what I did but youtube does offer some of their routines.

This streaming option is so much better than Alchemy of Movement and other similar classes for so many reasons besides being much cheaper.  Their quality is much better.  Camera angle shows all of the moves and music volume is nice and loud (I have stereo speakers plugged into my laptop).   The moves are easy to follow and tweak for bouncing.  The moves and combos are not repeated too much so kept my interest. There are some *whoo*s but they can be ignored because the routines are interesting and the music volume is loud enough.  I did the whole class with no desire to fast forward or skip a song.  Loved all of their tunes and choreo.  So I will not be doing another Alchemy of Movement subscription but I may actually start a monthly subscription for Shine Dance Fitness!

These youtube routines were used in the class I did but in the class setting which I much preferred:

This one shows the class setting:

You can access some of their videos for free on their website too:

Just the classes need a subscription

ETA: Another WellVideo member had discovered Shine Dance Fitness on youtube in December and I had shared another Shine Dance Fitness youtube video in February but did not try one of their classes till today.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Another Saturday

It being Saturday, there should be another KPDanceBody Periscope stream this morning.
link for playing the stream or pasting on PeriscopeDown:

This morning I enjoyed several edited youtube files.
Here are a couple I want to remember to revisit:

great on the bungees

great on a large stability ball holding light weights like Fitstix

Oh my what a mess on Periscope today!
Luckily I recorded the KPDancebody Sculpt class stream Live with Download Helper because both the PeriscopeDown TS file and the Download Helper finalized mp4 file have an early glitch.  However, I was able to work with the TS file by converting it to mp4 with Handbrake!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Fit Mit Anna Edit

Loved this routine on all equipment:

On a positive note after reading the electoral college predictions, I feel much better about the future of our country.  Just hope the people with a heart and brain get out and vote.

I have a new fitness site to investigate:
Shine Dance Fitness

They do *Whoo* but allow the music to be heard more than most Alchemy of Movement videos and are much cheaper.  I prefer their visual quality as well so will be putting another Alchemy subscription on hold indefinitely.  I still have several older Alchemy routines to try but am finding the effort tedious.
About the *whoo*ing....
these instructors all seem to make unnecessary sounds and chatter that are much louder than the music.  If they want customers to pay for streaming, they should try to let the customers hear the music.  Actually Shine Dance Fitness youtube videos may be better than their streaming class subscription because many are music only:

tomorrow 10:45 am ET
(so far these periscope streams have less *whoo*ing and I am hoping that is how their eventual streamed classes will be)

This is HUGE!
I can play a video with music louder simply by editing my laptop sound and checking the box for voice cancellation!  This is just for playback. Still stuck with the voice and *whoo*ing in the file.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Love MUving

I am doing mostly edited files and am really enjoying the workouts and the music.  Also think I am having less tingling and spasms in the extremities.  Really have not lost any weight according to our scale but the scale did not reflect the weight gain that was seen at the doctor's office either.   I have had more energy so cutting back on empty carbs has to be helping my overall homeostasis.
My favorite file this morning was a Be360.

My main source of stress is the nastiness of so many people.  As much as I would like to think it is the online anonymity making otherwise nicer people behave poorly, real life Trump supporters are a constant reminder that there are many nasty people in real life too.   It just boggles my mind that such a person can be this close to running and ruining our country.   Even if he miraculously is more intelligent and caring, the damage is done.  Bullies have found a louder voice.   How can future generations be raised with manners and respect for others when being rude is rewarded?

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

OMG JessicaSmithTV Fusion Flow

This morning I did another edited be360 file then an edit of the JessicaSmithTV Fusion Flow routine.


(please visit the original before my edit)
Recently I had removed some of the moves I prefer not to do and added music:

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Free TA Streaming for 2 weeks!

Today's workout was similar to yesterday's with edited files, starting with Be360 Weightloss2 then a standing low impact routine done while sitting on the stability ball:

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JshANfmnSec

Get TA streaming for 2 weeks free! 
Go to tracyanderson.com/health to sign up
and enter the code HEALTH at checkout. 
This code will expire on 5/30/2016. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Editing Fun

I really enjoyed my edit of the first Be360 Weightloss video but cannot share it on the blog.  The music I used was awesome and with alittle tweaking the repetitive moves became fun.   I did 10 minutes on the PROBounce then 10 minutes on the hexagon Ibounce then 10 minutes sitting on a large stability ball.  You can try the original by registering on be360.com

Then I did an edit from youtube of a standing abs routine mostly while sitting on the stability ball:

original Sexy Standing Up Abs with Laura London

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Great Edits

I really enjoyed the three edits I did this morning.

first was an edit of the Denise Austin Country vhs

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukEaGNdROKU

then an edit of a Faithful routine with music used by some Faithful routines found on youtube

last was a Grokker core routine

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Today's KP DanceBody on Periscope

This is the link for the KP DanceBody class on Periscope which will expire after 24 hours:

Copy and paste the link on the Periscope Down website to get the TS file

or paste it on Firefox and use DownloadHelper to download the stream in MP4

Either way, you will have to convert the file to rotate it.
If you have a Windows Operating System, I use Freemake Video Converter
If downloading any free ware, always choose custom options and uncheck unwanted extra offers.

I never had a MAC so cannot help with converting on a MAC
However, I added 2 links for more information about how to rotate a video.

This week I had more success with the Firefox Download Helper streamed MP4 file than the TS file after removing the glitch right in the beginning of the class set up.  The audio of the converted TS file was out of sync a bit probably because of the glitch.
Last week the PeriscopeDown file and the LIVE recording with Firefox Download Helper worked well but not this week because of the technical glitch.

This morning I did last week's KPDanceBody and really enjoyed it!
Ironically it had the same song in a SJ Alchemy when her mike died.
Even more ironic, the next edited video I had burned on the same dvdr from jessicasmithtv started with the same song! LOL

Friday, May 13, 2016

Look Better Naked

My favorite edit this morning was Look Better Naked with Jessica Smith which has been on youtube a long time:

As a spark yesterday I did an Alchemy with SJ which started out fine but then she started screaming after 17 minutes.  Then her mike went dead so the routine about 55 minutes into the class was worth a visit LOL
I just previewed more by SJ and she just does not shut up, constantly talking and screaming without much cuing.  In one video, she did most of the dances off the screen!  Also I just did another Tori and realized that Tori plays her music much louder than the others so even if she *whoo*s now and then, it does not interfere with the music.

I much prefer to try these as sparks than waste a morning workout session on them like I have too many times in the past.  By the time I have tried them all, I doubt I will want to do another subscription.

Tomorrow there should be a new KPDancebody class on Periscope.
I really like the bouncy moves and music used in the previous Periscope classes.  Hopefully, the streams from their website starting in a few weeks will not be too expensive. Already I prefer the free Periscope visual and sound quality to the Alchemies.  Most Alchemies, I would not do even if completely free.

ETA: too funny and too true

These religious freedom bills to enable discrimination and hate are really a waste of time and money.   It is disgusting to see how bigoted and nasty some toxic people are.  The nastiness about the inter-racial families in the Old Navy ads and the support for Trump also reflect how some people just do not understand equal rights and respecting diversity.  I am hoping for a Democrat landslide in November to make me proud to be an American again.  Wake up America and become greater.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Today's Edited Files

First I did the file I shared yesterday then

Body Project Cardio Pilates:

original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrX3ERVJuwA

then a combination of Total Body and cardio routines using a stability ball although I held a purple Zumba stick and the soundtrack from The Wave:

from the Linda Wooldridge Channel

(I am visiting the virgin Alchemy of Movement routines throughout the day as sparks)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alchemy of Movement part2

Yesterday I liked some of a Lucy routine till she started *WHOO*ing and screaming.  This morning I could not get into a Tori routine then she started *WHOO*ing too.  Most of the tunes and moves were not really clicking.  Then I tried some more Lucy and that was even worse.    I am now rethinking whether to bother with another month subscription if they are all now screaming.  They have to realize that when we stream, we try to follow the choreo, much of which is not even seen on the screen.  Screaming instead of cuing does not help.  They charge way too much for rotten visual and audio quality.   To buy a single video unseen and unheard is now $9.  For comparison, EMG charges $1 to $3 for LB Kass.

I now remember trying *new* Alchemy routines and not continuing with the effort in the past for the same reason.  There were times I almost threw something at the screen when the screaming became ridiculous.  The longer I delay the decision, the more new routines I will be able to access if my curiosity gets the best of me.

Meanwhile just to ensure it was their effect and not me, I tried alittle of this edited youtube video and loved it:

original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byL2-dwL7B4

ETA: OK I am interested again LOL
I just did another *Soul Sweat w Tori* which was originally uploaded on 1-4-16 (all earlier videos were reloaded on February 10th)
It is now my favorite.
11820 is its number for ID purposes if you let the mouse cursor hover on its title in their library

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Alchemy of Movement

I am starting to visit the Alchemy of Movement routines I had not yet visited before my husband buys me a new month subscription for Mother's Day.  The longer I delay the purchase, the more possible new uploads.

This morning I enjoyed Tori's Dance as Play.  Tori is one of my favorites because she rarely screams or *Whoo*s and her music is usually loud enough to enjoy.  I like Erin for the same reason.  There are a couple of new instructors to try.  I usually cannot tolerate most of the others once the screaming starts.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Oh Dear

Nothing to share today publicly.

Enjoyed more ClubzFitness and really enjoyed a video previously on Vimeo which is now private by ReggaeFit.  Also enjoyed some of a Susan Tuttle Pilates edit.

It is amazing how Trump continues to be a Divider instead of a Unifier of the GOP.  He is so unpresidential!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mixed Files

Yesterday I did last week's KPDanceBody routine and some Clubz Fitness.  I am still enjoying the bouncy DanceBody cardio on my bouncing equipment.

Today I started with more Clubz Fitness, I really like some of the moves in Clubz Fitness routines even though I use my Fitstix instead of their heavier clubz.  I came close to ordering the clubz but decided they would be too heavy for my joints and can eventually try my heavier purple Zumba sticks instead.  Also they are too long for my low basement ceiling.

Then I did some of the edited routine below.

 I especially liked the single weight moves starting around the 15 minute mark.

The owner of that vimeo channel has a few other interesting videos:


Saturday, May 7, 2016


This morning a new DanceBody class should become available on Periscope for 24 hours.  Lately the PeriscopeDown website has been downloading a TS file of the class which I have converted with Freemake Video Converter on a Windows laptop.  If you use Windows and decide to try the Freemake Video Converter, be sure to avoid extra freeware:

The PeriscopeDown Website is

When the class is over, you can paste the class link below on the PeriscopeDown Website to get the TS file downloaded.  Class link will be available for 24 hours
(invalid link on PeriscopeDown till the class is over but you can watch it live)

Also Be360 is starting a weightloss series today.

Today's KPDancebody class is over and can be watched and/or downloaded within the next 24 hours.  I find the TS file downloaded through the PeriscopeDown website more reliable than the Firefox Download Helper Stream download.  The Download Helper Live Stream recorded well today on my laptop hard wired to our router but the file downloaded after the class ended had its audio a bit out of sync on my wireless laptop.  The TS file through Periscope Down seems to be in sync from both browsers: Chrome and Firefox.  When editing with Freemake Video Converter, I rotate the video just once for the whole clip and convert the whole clip to MP4.  Freemake will follow just one rotation so be sure to pick the one you want for the class because sometimes they rotate the camera more than once.  Then I edit the whole MP4 file to remove extra segments before and after the class.

(I added 2 links for more information about how to rotate a video)  

Friday, May 6, 2016

Ball Sit-Bouncing

This morning I did an edit of the new jessicasmithtv Belly Walk on the PROBounce which was shared on this blog Sunday May 1st then a private file.   I finished with an awesome edit of the Sanchez Chair Boxing video while sitting on a large stability ball and holding Fitstix.


Also youtube has the Country OOP VHS by Denise Austin which I am editing and may affect my decision of whether to buy the new BeachBody Country Heat series in July.

Tomorrow is Saturday which means another DanceBody class on Periscope!

Also Be360 is starting a 10 part Weightloss series

Thursday, May 5, 2016


I did another KPOP then started visiting some private files so may not be sharing much the next few days.    Last night my feet cramped for the first time in weeks.  Guess the political scene is stressing me out more than I realized.  Just seems like there are way too many nasty people in the real world and online than I would like to admit.  So much hate directed towards GLBT from people on a subway to a previous presidential candidate.  Even Nashville last night was very stressful because of hate and toxic people.

Why can't people live and let live???
Why do religious leaders promote hate?
Why do politicians promote hate?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Back to KPOP

Today I did an edited video from vimeo which was great on the PROBounce

original: Cardio Barre

Then I visited another KPOP starting on the PROBouncer and switching to sit-bouncing on the stability ball.

I am really enjoying these KPOP youtube videos!

As much as I am disappointed in the GOP party for enabling the snake oil salesman Trump to become their candidate, I am relieved that the homophobic Cruz gave up after making the the transgender bathroom discrimination his main platform in Indiana.  Perhaps other politicians who are trying to force their personal beliefs on others will take heed.   The pursuit of happiness is for all,
not just white Christian men who pray they are straight.
The only way to stop these jerks from wasting taxpayers money and delaying the inevitable (equal rights with separation of Church and State) is not vote for them.

If Chris Christie actually becomes Trump's running mate, I am hoping more than ever that Cory Booker becomes Hilary's running mate.    Christie had a special election so Cory Booker would become a Senator to avoid a Booker-Christie NJ Governor match.
Perfect karma boomerang!  

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Leslie and Nia

This morning I bounced to a few edited Leslie Sansone youtube videos.  Her moves are easy to tweak and the MUsic I added made it very enjoyable.  One which used a band worked fine with the Miracle Mile band while sit-bouncing on the stability ball.

I finished with some of this grounding Nia and loved it.

Monday, May 2, 2016


later today, Daily Burn 365 should have another new freebie

also Red Hot Fitness should have another new Dance

This morning I did some edited files and finished with an edited Alchemy of Motion with Erin where I kept just the dances I wanted to repeat.  This was one of the edited files:


Sunday, May 1, 2016

40 Years!

Today my 67 year old body has been married to my best friend for 40 years.

Yesterday Jessica Smith shared a new walking workout which I had to edit immediately LOL

I have not burned it to dvdr yet but may do it as a spark with my laptop

This morning I did the standing part of last week's KP Dancebody and really enjoyed its bounciness.   I may actually consider getting their website streaming which may begin in about a month.  The second part worked really well sitting on the stability ball.  My upper body feels fried.

Today is the first day of free dances from Red Hot Fitness in the month of May: