Saturday, May 28, 2016

Periscope class and WellVideo updates

This mornings Periscope class link:
you can still download it by pasting the link on
within 24 hours

DownloadHelper was updated and it took alittle experimenting but got that to work after the class as well.  I may still be able to use it for live streaming now that I see the different download procedure.

OK I converted both files to rotate the angle using Freemake Video Converter but have added 2 links for more information about how to rotate a video.
When comparing the PeriscopeDown converted TS file with the DownloadHelper mp4, I believe the TS file audio is in better sync at the end.

As far as Wellvideo:
Of course, I am willing to pay towards a new WellVideo site that will enable video file storing but believe there are too many malcontents who previously ruined file sharing.  History will repeat itself if people have not learned anything from previous lessons.

I appreciate what WellVideo has tried to offer.
Personally think they are crazy to keep trying to deal with so many malcontents.

An alternative is
if you do not have a mobile and want to join
you can use a number from this site:

Many sites are now requiring a mobile number for a sms to register but not everyone owns a mobile phone for the sms

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