Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Fit Mit Anna Edit

Loved this routine on all equipment:

On a positive note after reading the electoral college predictions, I feel much better about the future of our country.  Just hope the people with a heart and brain get out and vote.

I have a new fitness site to investigate:
Shine Dance Fitness

They do *Whoo* but allow the music to be heard more than most Alchemy of Movement videos and are much cheaper.  I prefer their visual quality as well so will be putting another Alchemy subscription on hold indefinitely.  I still have several older Alchemy routines to try but am finding the effort tedious.
About the *whoo*ing....
these instructors all seem to make unnecessary sounds and chatter that are much louder than the music.  If they want customers to pay for streaming, they should try to let the customers hear the music.  Actually Shine Dance Fitness youtube videos may be better than their streaming class subscription because many are music only:

tomorrow 10:45 am ET
(so far these periscope streams have less *whoo*ing and I am hoping that is how their eventual streamed classes will be)

This is HUGE!
I can play a video with music louder simply by editing my laptop sound and checking the box for voice cancellation!  This is just for playback. Still stuck with the voice and *whoo*ing in the file.

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