Thursday, May 19, 2016

Love MUving

I am doing mostly edited files and am really enjoying the workouts and the music.  Also think I am having less tingling and spasms in the extremities.  Really have not lost any weight according to our scale but the scale did not reflect the weight gain that was seen at the doctor's office either.   I have had more energy so cutting back on empty carbs has to be helping my overall homeostasis.
My favorite file this morning was a Be360.

My main source of stress is the nastiness of so many people.  As much as I would like to think it is the online anonymity making otherwise nicer people behave poorly, real life Trump supporters are a constant reminder that there are many nasty people in real life too.   It just boggles my mind that such a person can be this close to running and ruining our country.   Even if he miraculously is more intelligent and caring, the damage is done.  Bullies have found a louder voice.   How can future generations be raised with manners and respect for others when being rude is rewarded?

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