Friday, May 13, 2016

Look Better Naked

My favorite edit this morning was Look Better Naked with Jessica Smith which has been on youtube a long time:

As a spark yesterday I did an Alchemy with SJ which started out fine but then she started screaming after 17 minutes.  Then her mike went dead so the routine about 55 minutes into the class was worth a visit LOL
I just previewed more by SJ and she just does not shut up, constantly talking and screaming without much cuing.  In one video, she did most of the dances off the screen!  Also I just did another Tori and realized that Tori plays her music much louder than the others so even if she *whoo*s now and then, it does not interfere with the music.

I much prefer to try these as sparks than waste a morning workout session on them like I have too many times in the past.  By the time I have tried them all, I doubt I will want to do another subscription.

Tomorrow there should be a new KPDancebody class on Periscope.
I really like the bouncy moves and music used in the previous Periscope classes.  Hopefully, the streams from their website starting in a few weeks will not be too expensive. Already I prefer the free Periscope visual and sound quality to the Alchemies.  Most Alchemies, I would not do even if completely free.

ETA: too funny and too true

These religious freedom bills to enable discrimination and hate are really a waste of time and money.   It is disgusting to see how bigoted and nasty some toxic people are.  The nastiness about the inter-racial families in the Old Navy ads and the support for Trump also reflect how some people just do not understand equal rights and respecting diversity.  I am hoping for a Democrat landslide in November to make me proud to be an American again.  Wake up America and become greater.

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