Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Alchemy of Movement part2

Yesterday I liked some of a Lucy routine till she started *WHOO*ing and screaming.  This morning I could not get into a Tori routine then she started *WHOO*ing too.  Most of the tunes and moves were not really clicking.  Then I tried some more Lucy and that was even worse.    I am now rethinking whether to bother with another month subscription if they are all now screaming.  They have to realize that when we stream, we try to follow the choreo, much of which is not even seen on the screen.  Screaming instead of cuing does not help.  They charge way too much for rotten visual and audio quality.   To buy a single video unseen and unheard is now $9.  For comparison, EMG charges $1 to $3 for LB Kass.

I now remember trying *new* Alchemy routines and not continuing with the effort in the past for the same reason.  There were times I almost threw something at the screen when the screaming became ridiculous.  The longer I delay the decision, the more new routines I will be able to access if my curiosity gets the best of me.

Meanwhile just to ensure it was their effect and not me, I tried alittle of this edited youtube video and loved it:


ETA: OK I am interested again LOL
I just did another *Soul Sweat w Tori* which was originally uploaded on 1-4-16 (all earlier videos were reloaded on February 10th)
It is now my favorite.
11820 is its number for ID purposes if you let the mouse cursor hover on its title in their library

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