Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Back to KPOP

Today I did an edited video from vimeo which was great on the PROBounce

original: Cardio Barre

Then I visited another KPOP starting on the PROBouncer and switching to sit-bouncing on the stability ball.

I am really enjoying these KPOP youtube videos!

As much as I am disappointed in the GOP party for enabling the snake oil salesman Trump to become their candidate, I am relieved that the homophobic Cruz gave up after making the the transgender bathroom discrimination his main platform in Indiana.  Perhaps other politicians who are trying to force their personal beliefs on others will take heed.   The pursuit of happiness is for all,
not just white Christian men who pray they are straight.
The only way to stop these jerks from wasting taxpayers money and delaying the inevitable (equal rights with separation of Church and State) is not vote for them.

If Chris Christie actually becomes Trump's running mate, I am hoping more than ever that Cory Booker becomes Hilary's running mate.    Christie had a special election so Cory Booker would become a Senator to avoid a Booker-Christie NJ Governor match.
Perfect karma boomerang!  

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