Saturday, May 7, 2016


This morning a new DanceBody class should become available on Periscope for 24 hours.  Lately the PeriscopeDown website has been downloading a TS file of the class which I have converted with Freemake Video Converter on a Windows laptop.  If you use Windows and decide to try the Freemake Video Converter, be sure to avoid extra freeware:

The PeriscopeDown Website is

When the class is over, you can paste the class link below on the PeriscopeDown Website to get the TS file downloaded.  Class link will be available for 24 hours
(invalid link on PeriscopeDown till the class is over but you can watch it live)

Also Be360 is starting a weightloss series today.

Today's KPDancebody class is over and can be watched and/or downloaded within the next 24 hours.  I find the TS file downloaded through the PeriscopeDown website more reliable than the Firefox Download Helper Stream download.  The Download Helper Live Stream recorded well today on my laptop hard wired to our router but the file downloaded after the class ended had its audio a bit out of sync on my wireless laptop.  The TS file through Periscope Down seems to be in sync from both browsers: Chrome and Firefox.  When editing with Freemake Video Converter, I rotate the video just once for the whole clip and convert the whole clip to MP4.  Freemake will follow just one rotation so be sure to pick the one you want for the class because sometimes they rotate the camera more than once.  Then I edit the whole MP4 file to remove extra segments before and after the class.

(I added 2 links for more information about how to rotate a video)  

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