Thursday, May 26, 2016

New TA Streams with Code

New streams were added and are now available.
Go to to sign up
and enter the code HEALTH at checkout. 
This code will expire on 5/30/2016. 

This morning I did another Shine Dance Fitness Class but this one had the music go too soft about half way through so the *Whoo*ing and yelling really bothered me.  Plus the instructor seemed to forget what moves to do, let alone cue accurately.  I think I will be settling for the classes already acquired and will not be subscribing.  Also did an edit of the Bari Trampoline freebie on Facebook:
my edit:
and finished with a Barre routine that used a towel which is now private on vimeo.

Last evening our son's laptop screen went black and we could not revive it.   Through Yelp, I found a great repair shop just a mile from home and they replaced the LCD cable and cleaned it for just $60!  So another reason why we may never move to another home LOL

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