Saturday, May 14, 2016

Today's KP DanceBody on Periscope

This is the link for the KP DanceBody class on Periscope which will expire after 24 hours:

Copy and paste the link on the Periscope Down website to get the TS file

or paste it on Firefox and use DownloadHelper to download the stream in MP4

Either way, you will have to convert the file to rotate it.
If you have a Windows Operating System, I use Freemake Video Converter
If downloading any free ware, always choose custom options and uncheck unwanted extra offers.

I never had a MAC so cannot help with converting on a MAC
However, I added 2 links for more information about how to rotate a video.

This week I had more success with the Firefox Download Helper streamed MP4 file than the TS file after removing the glitch right in the beginning of the class set up.  The audio of the converted TS file was out of sync a bit probably because of the glitch.
Last week the PeriscopeDown file and the LIVE recording with Firefox Download Helper worked well but not this week because of the technical glitch.

This morning I did last week's KPDanceBody and really enjoyed it!
Ironically it had the same song in a SJ Alchemy when her mike died.
Even more ironic, the next edited video I had burned on the same dvdr from jessicasmithtv started with the same song! LOL

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