Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why Support Bullies and Toxic People

I do not understand how so many people could support the GOP top candidates for POTUS.
This whole process is becoming a big joke and a very bad one.

Do not support bullying.
Do not support ignorance.
Do not support toxic people.

I feel this way in real life and url (un-real life)

I have seen this too often, toxic people influencing even good people.

I have a few rules I try to keep to feel well:
get decent sleep
get enjoyable movement
eat mostly healthy
and last bit not least
which is getting harder and harder thanks to the media

It is critical for good health to try to keep a positive attitude and toxic people are the worse kind of emotional cancer, creating unnecessary stress because of their own emotional baggage.
Do not carry their baggage!

Instead of watching Trump videos, watch this!
Choose happiness!

ETA: just finished my morning workout which included Metashred WO3 with lots of modifying after warming up with bouncing to some of the cardio in one of the Instructor Live Afrobeats which was great on the bungee.  I do not think I have had a single muscle spasm since adding Metashred every other day!  Instead of cramping, my muscles feel like jelly LOL

I also did some of Jacquelyn Umof's free dance routine but it ended just when it was becoming really interesting LOL

(hope I do not order the plan! already bought alot recently)

Hexagon bungee update:
It is in the US!!!
but still has to travel from Chicago

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