Monday, January 18, 2016

Leslie and Jessica

This morning I enjoyed an edited Leslie Sansone mile on the bungee then an edit of a Jessica Smith ab walk on the ball while holding a purple Zumba weight.  Leslie's Walk Off the Pounds third mile  had some new moves which worked well on the bungee and Jessica's Walk Strong 360Abs was loaded with great moves for the ball.  MUsic I chose for both was GREAT!

I may be recording one or both soon.  Since there are so many options online for rebounding videos, I will probably choose to do just a sitting on the ball routine.   Sitting on a stability ball pumps the lymph and can be tweaked to be as intense as I want it to be without hurting my feet or joints.

Most of my earlier recordings start on a bungee and end on a ball which is how I workout every morning.  The MUsic triggers my endorphins on the bungee and motivates me to continue on the ball when I am feeling less energetic.  This combination enables me to workout at a high enough level for endorphins without exhausting myself.

and here it is! (Jessica's was chosen to be recorded)

BouncinBarb Ball and Weight Abs MU by POMBarb

Remember to use a light weight when bouncing!

Also I just had to share this:
Honesty has always been an important quality to me.   After realizing a *friend* was a pathological liar, I unfriended her.  She seemed to believe her lies!  Or thought I had Alzheimer's and would forgot what she had shared.    (White lies to save a person's feelings is a horse of another color)

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