Monday, January 4, 2016

Wake Up America!

I am White so I can identify Reverse Racism.

I am a Woman so I can identify Misogyny.

I am a Jew so I can identify Antisemitism and any other religious intolerance.

I am the mother of a gay man so I can identify Homophobia.

I am the mother of an autistic man so I can identify social ignorance.

I am an older adult so I can identify ageism.

I am a driver and passenger so I can identify road rage.

I am a people-pleaser so I can identify bullying behavior and irrational mob mentality.

What I cannot understand is how a toxic person like Trump is getting so much support in the US while the rest of the world is losing respect for the US.
He lies.
He cheats.
His only interests are attention, power and money.

Why did he not use his abilities and money he claims he has to keep America greater instead of trying to destroy everything about America that is great = respecting our differences.

Do not support HATE!

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