Friday, January 29, 2016

Alchemy of Motion Soul Sweat

WARNING: If you get the monthly subscription (first month is 50%off), the subscription will automatically renew at full price if you do not cancel it a couple of days before the renewal date!

My Love-Hate relationship with the videos by Alchemy of Motion on PowHow continues.  Most moves are ok or easily modified but sometimes the camera angles are so horrible that new moves can take a few tries to get.  However, the volume of the music in relation to the volume of the cuing is my main concern.

Erin and Tori have become my favorite instructors because their cuing is lower in volume than their music so even if they shout out a *Whoo* it is not nearly as annoying as it is with Misa.  Misa is soft spoken so has her volume up and her loud *Whoo*s are frequent and annoying.  Lucy is louder than Erin and Tori but her noises are more tolerable than Misa's.  I have to try the new SJs because from the little I have done, she seems less crude and more enjoyable.  There is a sprinkling of other instructors but have not connected with any of them yet.

Considering the poor camera angles and and volume issues,  overall their prices are inflated.  $8 per video is ridiculous, sight unseen and sound unheard.  One new video was just 20 minutes and obviously started recording too late.   There was once the same identical routine by Tori with two different titles that could have been bought twice accidentally!

The monthly subscription price with 50% off is reasonable at $25 but totally unreasonable at the full price of $50 considering not that many new videos are added each month.  I can catch up on 3 months of videos in one day since they now enable downloading.

That all being said, I really enjoyed moving with Erin this morning.  Maybe in a year, I will do another month subscription but probably not if full price. LOL

Without samples, the individual videos are not worth more than $3 a pop IMHO.
If the monthly subscription stayed at $25, this site may become much more popular.   The three month subscription may work for those who stream at $50.  They have only sold seven 3-month subscriptions and I know 2 of the customers who bought them and both customers were traveling during their 3 months and did not have access for half of their subscription period.

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