Friday, January 22, 2016

Aliexpress: Another Bungee Vendor

This ibounce model looks like the PROBounce and is substantially cheaper:

However, my PROBounce has 8 legs and this model only shows 6 legs so the PROBounce is probably sturdier.
(or they just do not have an updated picture of their 48inch model and it does have 8 legs like mine?)
Another difference is the PROBounce has 2 different cord tensions while the ibounce just one cord tension.

I am checking out their ibounce hexagon with a handlebar and may order:
The model I am ordering has a max load of 150kg or 330 pounds.

Note: the hexagonal bungee shown on youtube has a single bungee cord and costs $580 with a max load of 120kg or 265pounds.  The ibounce has a set of cords similar to the PROBounce and Bellicon bungees.

ORDERED the ibounce!  LOL

actual charge was under $160 with a $10 off coupon by registering with aliexpress

I love the PROBounce mat and height so am excited to try a new shape and a handlebar by a similar manufacturer since both come from China.

I have said it before and will say it again and again:
It does not matter which bungee model I use but how I use it that counts.

This morning I really enjoyed a new Alchemy of Motion with Lucy.
Its music was AWESOME!
So it was worth subscribing for month for just $25
(half off first subscription)
Alchemy of Motion now enables the downloading of their videos!

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