Thursday, March 31, 2016


(do not tell anyone, I am now another year older)

After spending a couple of days celebrating another year, I returned to my home workouts April first and greatly enjoyed some edited files, especially Debbie Siebers walks which are now private on youtube.

However, I did enjoy this one public video as a warm up

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sharing Update

Yesterday's workout used private files as will today's so not much to share here.
Streamnation is gone.
Toutbox will soon be gone.

 I have found other solutions for video hosting on

Youtube is not worth the bother for me since having a 15 minute limit, no unlisted url option and convoluted music restrictions but may use it more during the summer when restrictions are lifted.

For more private sharing, there are other cloud options like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Anywho I'll be back to sharing through this blog when I have public files and urls.
Most links can be found in the link column on the right -------------->

I visited some Pon De Flo on youtube which were darn good for bouncing!
The Heather Fay channel is

Also a similar channel to try:


Sunday, March 27, 2016

TRYING to stay Positive

Avoiding stress by keeping a positive attitude has been my primary mental focus.

I wish I could say our older son's visit went well yesterday like a Brady Bunch episode but as usual, he arrived with his chronic negative attitude about everything and I am really trying to keep it all in perspective.  This is his mindset and personality and the only one who can change it is himself.  He is doomed to have failed relationships and mostly stress and unhappiness if that is what he chooses.  I have pretty much accepted he will never change and must focus even harder to not let his problems become mine.  Thank goodness our younger son who lives with us has a totally opposite personality.

I enjoyed the first KP DanceBody Periscope stream this morning and after editing the third class yesterday, see that her playlists repeat alot.  The audio is great and her moves are bouncy which works for me.   Each class so far had very different angles so the moves will become even easier and eventually I would revisit whichever has the best angles.  This morning I had the video on zoom and was following the exerciser I could see the best.  Worked great till some moves confused her as well LOL

A very disturbing video was on youtube this morning.  A 55 year old man had threatened a mosque with a bomb and authorities found a bomb in the man's home.   He was given only 90 days in jail!!!!  How would a Muslim have been treated if the Muslim threatened to kill everyone in a church or temple and had a bomb???? 
The man happens to be a Trump supporter!
Unfortunately, Trump's rhetoric affects some mentally unbalanced fans.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

That and This LOL

Yesterday I did more edited files that cannot be made public as well as this morning.  I think the best way to share these edits publicly is to record myself doing them but that means giving up trying a new routine that morning and moving equipment.  Also I can get into the music better when not recording.  I never really know what my energy level will be like and how creative I may be each morning and forget the unique tweaks I did for a move just the day before.  I never do a workout the same way twice and never play *Simon Says* or *Follow the Leader*.   The number of times an instructor does a move may be too few or too many and never know which body part may feel rebellious either so am constantly tweaking to listen to my body as well as make the routine more fun for me.  I bounce to the beat of my own drummer.

We are expecting our older son to visit today to sign his income tax forms that his dad prepared for him.  He is a genius and earns his keep doing ad tech online but does not bother to simply submit his taxes himself online.  Oh well, at least it is an excuse for a visit.
His father jokes he likes doing the taxes so he knows what son is earning LOL
We (my husband, younger son and I) are very frugal and live on a lower income than our older son who pretty much spends every penny he earns and some.  Granted younger Aspie son has not worked since graduating college but is not demanding or materialistic.  Working is not worth the stress to him and he rather have less money than more stress.  He knows he can work whenever he decides he rather work or has to work to eat.

Looks like Trump has really shot himself in the foot with his misogyny.  Even Republican women said they will vote Democratic for the first time.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Building upon Yesterday's ETA

Much of what I wanted to post today was an extension of what I had added in yesterday's post.

The edited files I did this morning cannot be made public.
I, especially, enjoy the edited Oula when sit-bouncing on the large stability ball and may record that action in the future.

In yesterday's post:
*I am back into using my arms more like Conductorcise when bouncing or just sitting after watching a favorite cardiologist mention how important moving the arms daily can be:

Another change I am making is to get more sun.  For years I avoided the sun because of skin cancer fears and Lipitor making my skin very photosensitive.   Now it is beginning clear that sunlight plays a huge role in health and longevity.

It must be doing something better because my blood pressure is much lower today!

Nia is participating in a new series for being pain free*

I have to note that besides my BP being lower, I feel much more energized since using my upper body more throughout the day and getting out in the sun more.  I even have my old recumbent bike now on our patio besides the rusting ReboundAIR which is still functional for healthbouncing.

The 2 month old ibounce hexagon from China is still my favorite bungee and the bungees are showing no wear.  The 6 month old Probounce is still my next favorite.   The Probounce cords are starting to show a fraying of their cover and a flattening of the inner material similar to what what seen in the JumpSport PRO mat bungees within a short period of use.  I believe the tighter the tension, the quicker I am seeing fraying on the bungees even though the firmer bungees are thicker.   I hardly use the JumpSport 370 PRO which is the firmest of my 4 bungees and it is showing as much fraying as my much older JS550 so I reset the 550 cords to their loosest setting.  Each Chinese import has a very different bounce and I enjoy switching between them depending on what I am doing.   Right now, the only one I would definitely replace the cords for if and when they really need replacing is the hexagon.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I started with more of the Fit with Anna and was disappointed that the same moves were repeated way too much.   When I edit her other routines, I will shorten them.
Anywho, I did some of an edited Oula class and loved it.  I had replaced most of their tunes with music only versions because of too much whooing and whooping instead of cuing.  Unfortunately, the videos I edited were from private streams so I cannot share them on my blog.

When I was first trying some Oula in November, I was distracted by many other workouts and events so may give these videos another try.

I am back into using my arms more like Conductorcise when bouncing or just sitting after watching a favorite cardiologist mention how important moving the arms daily can be:

Another change I am making is to get more sun.  For years I avoided the sun because of skin cancer fears and Lipitor making my skin very photosensitive.   Now it is beginning clear that sunlight plays a huge role in health and longevity.

It must be doing something better because my blood pressure is much lower today!

Nia is participating in a new series for being pain free

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Prayers to Brussels

I am very grateful that a dear online friend living in Brussels is safe.

Words cannot express the sympathy felt for those who lost loved ones or are in pain as a result of these inhuman acts.

In addition, lots of families will be apart during the holidays because of these acts simply because of travel restrictions.

This morning I tried some of this edit and loved it!

The routines by Fit mit Anna are simple to follow so work well with music

original is here:

ain't that the truth!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Love Natalie!

I did a bunch of files this morning but what stood out was Natalie's youtube chair routine I had shared on 3/10 so will repeat its embedding:

The only complaint I have about this routine is the landscaping noise in the background.  I may or may not replace its audio.  Problem is I also liked Natalie's cuing.

can also be streamed from WellVideo

Natalie has mostly Zumba type dance routines but I wish she would do another chair routine!!!!

I liked to looks of

I could not resist editing the chair routine LOL

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ignorance or Lying? (and does it matter?)

Whenever Trump is confronted with negative behavior because of his rhetoric like the fans of a white basketball team holding up Trump signs at a game against a team with mostly minority players, he claims he never heard of it.

For someone who wants to be the next POTUS, he surely is ignorant and uninformed.
The obvious conclusion is he is lying, especially since he shows no responsibility for what he has said after being informed.

Whether uninformed or lying, he never apologizes or tries to mend his rhetoric, confirming he just does not care about the damage he is doing to our country and its people.

Who wants someone so ignorant as POTUS?
Who wants someone so deceitful as POTUS?
Who wants someone so uncaring as POTUS?
only the Ignorant, Deceitful and Uncaring.

STOP the Insanity!!!

Do you really want your children to have him as a role model?

left out another explanation which would be a disastrous trait for the POTUS
selective memory because of dementia
which also explains his repetitive use of simple words and phrases

Trump will make America greater by unifying America
....  against him
he is turning every single religious and political group against him
... except white supremicists

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Edited Files Today

Two edited files worked great this morning on bungees, ball and chair.

This 20 min HIIT edited file started today's bouncing:

original on youtube and

Next was an old favorite with new music:

I had combined two parts and added newer music than a previous edited file
Original Sharon Graham Low Impact Aerobics are on youtube:

Hope the embedding works for you!
Now that I can embed files on my blog from,  I think Toutbox closing may be actually a blessing!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Soma Fitness

This youtube video has music only and lots of moves which work with bouncing:

It is sad that this wonderful video was done 3 years ago and is the only longer routine on their channel

I decided to try new music anyway LOL

I liked her moves more than her music.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fit Tonic

Just found a new (to me) channel on youtube called Fit Tonic

It looks fabulous.  Cannot believe how I am still finding new content on youtube that has been there for a long time like this Fit Tonic, Fit mit Anna,  Pon de Flo and Piloxing.
(and of course, I still have lots of jessicasmithtv to revisit).

A huge advantage to connecting with is the international content found on youtube.

This morning I enjoyed this youtube video unedited

Great MUsic and easy to follow kickboxing moves.

I also enjoyed an edited private video which included jump rope and pseudo-kettlebells.

ETA Thurs 3/17
I did an edited version of an OOP vhs routine: Charlotte Williams Power Dance Mix to which I had added Maroon5 music.  It is amazing how an old workout can have a new life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This and That

The past few nights, I have been trying to do a low intensity spark before bed and think it is actually preventing leg and foot cramps!  Also feel less intense tingling and burning.

This morning I did some piloxing on the bungees and ball then some BalletBlend which was a freebie on vimeo after registering with its creator Kristin Dowell several months ago.  Now it is $4.99 which is still a bargain.

It still amazes me how many people support Trump.
Most social media supporters of Trump are extremely nasty.
I finally realized why Trump's oration skills are on the level of a 6 to 8 year old after reading comments made by his supporters online and why he appeals to them.
I do not like the thought that so many Americans are under-educated and/or emotionally stunted.

Cannot help but see the deterioration of sharing on WellVideo as a foreshadowing of what someone like Trump could do to America.   My husband is finally not blasting the TV when Trump is plastered on the screen because my husband realizes that it stresses me out.  Have to wonder how many patients will be given a script for hypertension this year thanks to the media coverage of this dangerous clown.  
At least Cruz said he would not support Trump as the GOP nominee if Trump shot someone on 5th Avenue.  However, Trump does not need a gun to kill someone on 5th Avenue.   The stress he is creating in this country will do the job well.
Domestic Terrorism cannot produce a more powerful weapon of mass destruction.

(If anyone doubts that Trump is a con man and pathological liar, research *Trump University*)

Sunday, March 13, 2016

KP DanceBody on Periscope

Katia Pryce just started having a Saturday morning DanceBody class streamed on Periscope.

Yesterday's class has already expired but I did capture most of it using the Firefox Download Helper following the Walk-thru below:
Note: do not use an adblocker or the Step 4 pop-up with the option to assemble and convert may get blocked!

I will try to remember to capture these classes each Saturday BUT the saying *Teach a man how to fish and he will never go hungry* inspires me to try to share techniques other can use.

ETA on 4/9
The PeriscopeDown Extension on Chrome does a good job!
Also the newest version of Firefox Download Helper can now handle chunk streaming
(Periscope = dash)

In about 6 weeks, the Dreambody Website will launch a streaming subscription.
Stay tuned for details.


In spite of having an ankle being uncooperative, I really enjoyed this edited youtube video so much more than a similar Be360 routine which initiated my ankle twinges this morning so switched to bouncing on a stability ball when trying the edited video.
original embedded on WellVideo:

My edit:

I did the above edit on the ball then some Piloxing while sitting on a swivel chair holding Fitsticks.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Windows10 Upgrade Pop-up

I like Windows 10 which was an upgrade on a relatively new Windows 8.1 laptop but refuse to upgrade my older Windows7 laptop.

Here is a suggestion for stopping the annoying Windows10 upgrade popup

Uninstall this Windows update:

To find the list of installed updates: I entered Windows update in the Start search box then went to View installed updates

Unfortunately this update returned within a few days so I uninstalled it again then changed my update preferences to avoid automatic updates of optional updates.  I now install only the important updates manually. I also *hide* most optional updates by right clicking on them and choosing *hide*.
Just type *Windows updates* in the Start Search box (lower left corner) and go to *check for updates*.

Click to enlarge the photo of my current Check Updates screen

Pon De Flo

A youtube Piloxing video is what I started with this morning before doing some edited files:
If the audio were higher quality, I would definitely repeat it!

I also enjoyed one of many edited Standing Abs routines and some of a very good Pon De Flo dance routine which I will try to do when I have more energy.

Just found this!

It has been on youtube for three years and I never saw it before!

Finally have real hope for the future of the US since those against Trump are finally finding a voice and being heard.   I was beginning to worry that I was seeing Nazis Germany repeating itself.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Editing Foreign Videos

I enjoy both the editing and the actual working-out with edited files because I remove moves I do not like and replace the audio with tunes that motivate me to move or bounce.  I look for simple moves to follow or tweak and audio in a foreign language since the cuing is not as necessary.

This morning I did the edited version of this youtube video:

The results were fantastic on a morning filled with aches and pains.
I now feel much more comfortable.

I am still loving my Chinese ibounce hexagon bungee but here is a video of a more expensive brand:

I honestly see no need to spend $400 more for this brand or $600 more for the new Bellicon hexagon since my bare feet love the cheapie.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Born Again?

Today I was asked if I was a *Born Again Christian*
which was a very strange question to me.

My ancestors were all Jewish and I was raised Jewish but never was religious in the sense of following a written book (Bible or Torah) or any other religious rules and superstitions belonging to an organized religion.   I did not need the fear of Hell to be kind.   My strong conscience guides me.
Ironically, I do not find most *Born Again Christians* or any other type of religious zealot to be kind.  To me, spirituality should unite people and not divide.  Make their lives easier and happier, not harder.
I am Jewish ethnically, like enjoying Jewish food.   BUT I still eat pork and shellfish.  I appreciate words in Yiddish that have unique meanings.  Organized religions have caused alot of wars and persecution.  Right now I do not like what some *Christians* are trying to do in our country, a country with mixed faiths and cultures.  I feel strongly about keeping Church and State separate.  I am pretty sure that the *Christians* who want to restrict the rights of  homosexuals eat pork or shellfish and are hypocrites, guilty of participating in many other *abominations*.  Why are they spending so much energy and money trying to restrict the rights of people instead of helping other people?

My husband is also Jewish.  Older son was Bar Mitzvahed because he wanted to be (social peer pressure?) but is now agnostic.  Younger son is grateful we did not fill his head with a bunch of religious beliefs since he is Asperger's and has enough trouble ignoring OCD rituals and obsessions.  Both sons have a good conscience but younger son is kinder.  Older son is gay, need I say more?

The Yiddish word *Mensch* means a good person or a *gute neshome*.

Often in cartoons, we saw an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder, representing good and bad choices.   A few months ago, I listened to the wrong voice till I realized how I was becoming an un-Mensch.
Guess I am a *Born Again Mensch*?
I am also a *Yenta* or matchmaker.  Always was and always will be.
I like helping people to connect to one another.
It makes me happy to make others happier.
If I feel appreciated, I am a huge people pleaser.
If I feel unappreciated, do not expect me to think kindly of you.

Be a Mensch, no matter what organized religion your ancestors followed.
Trump and Cruz are perfect examples of being an *Un-Mensch*.
The POTUS should be a Mensch!

and here's a great chair video:

Don't Stop the (Democratic) Party!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I am still transferring files from Toutbox before it closes at the end of the month.  Thankfully, I have two laptops and a decent internet provider.  I'll be using mostly for edits I want to share and a cloud backup for myself.

This morning I did some edited files of the Jessica Smith 6 Mile Mix and my own selfies recorded while doing some edited files of the jessicasmithtv ball cardio which I posted the other day.

I have so much more energy lately than I had last week!

This is an example of a human being staying kind even under terrible conditions:
Be good to one another and make the world a better place with happier people
Choose to stay positive and help others stay positive in spite of your own conditions.
Avoid and ignore the negative people who prefer to hurt others because they have chosen to be destructive instead of constructive.

Do not give the Donald Trumps of the world the power to control your emotions.
Just listen to these kids!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

What a Difference!

After a good night's sleep in spite of some muscle cramping, I woke up feeling like my old positive self.    The first strike that started my pity party was that Toutbox was closing.  Second strike was the childish behavior of toxic people.  Third strike was self-inflicted letting the second strike affect me.  Pity party is over and I refuse to play with childish adults.    I will ignore people not worth my attention who resent my sharing spirit. The only time I will allow myself to act like a child is when bouncing.

I just had an awesome workout with Denise Austin thanks to my bungees, ball, and edited music.
Life is good in spite of my physical ailments.

I wish I could bottle how I feel now and share that feeling with everyone.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Toutbox is Closing

Toutbox/Partageurs is closing at the end of the month so download whatever you want NOW.
Here is a link to my public videos:

Wellvideo stopped enabling uploading of files for previously inactive members because of a storage space shortage. Its expenses have been covered till at least June and it may remain open for as long as advertising revenue supports it but will probably never return to what it used to be as far as file sharing.
Streamnation is closing this week (3/8).
Now Toutbox closing 3/31.

It is getting harder and harder to share files.

So far other hosting sites enable sharing but with various limits.
I can no longer share a video longer than 15 minutes on youtube.
Dailymotion limits uploads to under one hour in length and not more than 2 hours in one day. and are still functioning. (I think)

I will be transferring some but not all of my files to VK and since I have dvdr backups of most and use the dvdrs for workingout.  Needless to say I will be sharing way less than I used to share and sharing lower quality to save space.  Visual quality never affected me since I use an old tube tv while mostly watching myself in a mirror which keeps me balanced.  Music is the same no matter the size of the file.

It is too bad whatever is stored on WellVideo is reduced to its lowest quality to save storage space while most storage space is no longer used for sharing.  Many Friends who would like to share cannot upload files but we are creatively finding other methods.  Give it a try while it is still available and meet some really nice people with a common interest in workout videos.

Be kind to one another

Jessica Smith

My newest Jessica Smith dvd (Walk On: 6 Mile Mix) has arrived and yesterday was my first visit.  I love 15 minute routines and I love having the opportunity to use my new bungees and Miracle Mile band with these so was very excited about this dvd.

I do not know if I would have developed my workout file editing skills without jessicasmithtv.  During my most painful periods like the Plantar fasciitis flare and a time when muscle spasms were more frequent while taking a statin,  Jessica Smith's creativity and my music kept me moving and wanting to keep moving.  She knew about my obsession for music but her hands were tied by music copyrights.  I truly believe I would be in much worse condition today if jessicasmithtv did not exist.  I am a variety junkie and sweet Jessica gave me the variety I needed.

OK I was not thrilled by my first visit with the new dvd because the music is barely audible but still have 4 miles to try which I may enjoy more.   If not, no biggie, I have my editing hobby to make these routines work for me,  If nothing else, this new dvd has energized me because I started revisiting some older jessicasmithtv edits in anticipation of its arrival.

Jessica Smith was and is my favorite workout companion.

ETA:  Hurray!!
I loved the 6Mile Mix Cardio Interval Abs Walk!
It was perfect on the hexagon bungee
(plan to add music and record it next week)

Also liked some of the moves in the Total Body mile.