Wednesday, March 23, 2016


I started with more of the Fit with Anna and was disappointed that the same moves were repeated way too much.   When I edit her other routines, I will shorten them.
Anywho, I did some of an edited Oula class and loved it.  I had replaced most of their tunes with music only versions because of too much whooing and whooping instead of cuing.  Unfortunately, the videos I edited were from private streams so I cannot share them on my blog.

When I was first trying some Oula in November, I was distracted by many other workouts and events so may give these videos another try.

I am back into using my arms more like Conductorcise when bouncing or just sitting after watching a favorite cardiologist mention how important moving the arms daily can be:

Another change I am making is to get more sun.  For years I avoided the sun because of skin cancer fears and Lipitor making my skin very photosensitive.   Now it is beginning clear that sunlight plays a huge role in health and longevity.

It must be doing something better because my blood pressure is much lower today!

Nia is participating in a new series for being pain free

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