Thursday, March 3, 2016

Toutbox is Closing

Toutbox/Partageurs is closing at the end of the month so download whatever you want NOW.
Here is a link to my public videos:

Wellvideo stopped enabling uploading of files for previously inactive members because of a storage space shortage. Its expenses have been covered till at least June and it may remain open for as long as advertising revenue supports it but will probably never return to what it used to be as far as file sharing.
Streamnation is closing this week (3/8).
Now Toutbox closing 3/31.

It is getting harder and harder to share files.

So far other hosting sites enable sharing but with various limits.
I can no longer share a video longer than 15 minutes on youtube.
Dailymotion limits uploads to under one hour in length and not more than 2 hours in one day. and are still functioning. (I think)

I will be transferring some but not all of my files to VK and since I have dvdr backups of most and use the dvdrs for workingout.  Needless to say I will be sharing way less than I used to share and sharing lower quality to save space.  Visual quality never affected me since I use an old tube tv while mostly watching myself in a mirror which keeps me balanced.  Music is the same no matter the size of the file.

It is too bad whatever is stored on WellVideo is reduced to its lowest quality to save storage space while most storage space is no longer used for sharing.  Many Friends who would like to share cannot upload files but we are creatively finding other methods.  Give it a try while it is still available and meet some really nice people with a common interest in workout videos.

Be kind to one another

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