Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fit Tonic

Just found a new (to me) channel on youtube called Fit Tonic

It looks fabulous.  Cannot believe how I am still finding new content on youtube that has been there for a long time like this Fit Tonic, Fit mit Anna,  Pon de Flo and Piloxing.
(and of course, I still have lots of jessicasmithtv to revisit).

A huge advantage to connecting with is the international content found on youtube.

This morning I enjoyed this youtube video unedited

Great MUsic and easy to follow kickboxing moves.

I also enjoyed an edited private video which included jump rope and pseudo-kettlebells.

ETA Thurs 3/17
I did an edited version of an OOP vhs routine: Charlotte Williams Power Dance Mix to which I had added Maroon5 music.  It is amazing how an old workout can have a new life.

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