Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ignorance or Lying? (and does it matter?)

Whenever Trump is confronted with negative behavior because of his rhetoric like the fans of a white basketball team holding up Trump signs at a game against a team with mostly minority players, he claims he never heard of it.

For someone who wants to be the next POTUS, he surely is ignorant and uninformed.
The obvious conclusion is he is lying, especially since he shows no responsibility for what he has said after being informed.

Whether uninformed or lying, he never apologizes or tries to mend his rhetoric, confirming he just does not care about the damage he is doing to our country and its people.

Who wants someone so ignorant as POTUS?
Who wants someone so deceitful as POTUS?
Who wants someone so uncaring as POTUS?
only the Ignorant, Deceitful and Uncaring.

STOP the Insanity!!!

Do you really want your children to have him as a role model?

left out another explanation which would be a disastrous trait for the POTUS
selective memory because of dementia
which also explains his repetitive use of simple words and phrases

Trump will make America greater by unifying America
....  against him
he is turning every single religious and political group against him
... except white supremicists

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