Thursday, March 10, 2016

Born Again?

Today I was asked if I was a *Born Again Christian*
which was a very strange question to me.

My ancestors were all Jewish and I was raised Jewish but never was religious in the sense of following a written book (Bible or Torah) or any other religious rules and superstitions belonging to an organized religion.   I did not need the fear of Hell to be kind.   My strong conscience guides me.
Ironically, I do not find most *Born Again Christians* or any other type of religious zealot to be kind.  To me, spirituality should unite people and not divide.  Make their lives easier and happier, not harder.
I am Jewish ethnically, like enjoying Jewish food.   BUT I still eat pork and shellfish.  I appreciate words in Yiddish that have unique meanings.  Organized religions have caused alot of wars and persecution.  Right now I do not like what some *Christians* are trying to do in our country, a country with mixed faiths and cultures.  I feel strongly about keeping Church and State separate.  I am pretty sure that the *Christians* who want to restrict the rights of  homosexuals eat pork or shellfish and are hypocrites, guilty of participating in many other *abominations*.  Why are they spending so much energy and money trying to restrict the rights of people instead of helping other people?

My husband is also Jewish.  Older son was Bar Mitzvahed because he wanted to be (social peer pressure?) but is now agnostic.  Younger son is grateful we did not fill his head with a bunch of religious beliefs since he is Asperger's and has enough trouble ignoring OCD rituals and obsessions.  Both sons have a good conscience but younger son is kinder.  Older son is gay, need I say more?

The Yiddish word *Mensch* means a good person or a *gute neshome*.

Often in cartoons, we saw an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other shoulder, representing good and bad choices.   A few months ago, I listened to the wrong voice till I realized how I was becoming an un-Mensch.
Guess I am a *Born Again Mensch*?
I am also a *Yenta* or matchmaker.  Always was and always will be.
I like helping people to connect to one another.
It makes me happy to make others happier.
If I feel appreciated, I am a huge people pleaser.
If I feel unappreciated, do not expect me to think kindly of you.

Be a Mensch, no matter what organized religion your ancestors followed.
Trump and Cruz are perfect examples of being an *Un-Mensch*.
The POTUS should be a Mensch!

and here's a great chair video:

Don't Stop the (Democratic) Party!

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