Thursday, March 3, 2016

Jessica Smith

My newest Jessica Smith dvd (Walk On: 6 Mile Mix) has arrived and yesterday was my first visit.  I love 15 minute routines and I love having the opportunity to use my new bungees and Miracle Mile band with these so was very excited about this dvd.

I do not know if I would have developed my workout file editing skills without jessicasmithtv.  During my most painful periods like the Plantar fasciitis flare and a time when muscle spasms were more frequent while taking a statin,  Jessica Smith's creativity and my music kept me moving and wanting to keep moving.  She knew about my obsession for music but her hands were tied by music copyrights.  I truly believe I would be in much worse condition today if jessicasmithtv did not exist.  I am a variety junkie and sweet Jessica gave me the variety I needed.

OK I was not thrilled by my first visit with the new dvd because the music is barely audible but still have 4 miles to try which I may enjoy more.   If not, no biggie, I have my editing hobby to make these routines work for me,  If nothing else, this new dvd has energized me because I started revisiting some older jessicasmithtv edits in anticipation of its arrival.

Jessica Smith was and is my favorite workout companion.

ETA:  Hurray!!
I loved the 6Mile Mix Cardio Interval Abs Walk!
It was perfect on the hexagon bungee
(plan to add music and record it next week)

Also liked some of the moves in the Total Body mile.

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