Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This and That

The past few nights, I have been trying to do a low intensity spark before bed and think it is actually preventing leg and foot cramps!  Also feel less intense tingling and burning.

This morning I did some piloxing on the bungees and ball then some BalletBlend which was a freebie on vimeo after registering with its creator Kristin Dowell several months ago.  Now it is $4.99 which is still a bargain.

It still amazes me how many people support Trump.
Most social media supporters of Trump are extremely nasty.
I finally realized why Trump's oration skills are on the level of a 6 to 8 year old after reading comments made by his supporters online and why he appeals to them.
I do not like the thought that so many Americans are under-educated and/or emotionally stunted.

Cannot help but see the deterioration of sharing on WellVideo as a foreshadowing of what someone like Trump could do to America.   My husband is finally not blasting the TV when Trump is plastered on the screen because my husband realizes that it stresses me out.  Have to wonder how many patients will be given a script for hypertension this year thanks to the media coverage of this dangerous clown.  
At least Cruz said he would not support Trump as the GOP nominee if Trump shot someone on 5th Avenue.  However, Trump does not need a gun to kill someone on 5th Avenue.   The stress he is creating in this country will do the job well.
Domestic Terrorism cannot produce a more powerful weapon of mass destruction.

(If anyone doubts that Trump is a con man and pathological liar, research *Trump University*)

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